Monday, October 13, 2014



"Remember to take what you learned from Conference and apply it to life. That is the whole point. 
Take the inspiration and continue to improve."

I finally learned how to text in Chinese.  This is the first text I sent.

Hello everybody,

What a wild week this has been! Just so everyone knows I am not sick anymore. I'm feeling great and loving life. This week was one I will remember for a long long time. We went to Taipei on Monday for training meetings. So grateful these 30+ missionaries could get their visas and thanks to everyone for the prayers on their behalf!  In Taipei we went out "babysitting!"  I took a new missionary around town finding and to teach. I went with an Elder Griffin. So cool!  He was really nervous but was really excited. Elder Dethloff and I took these 2 new missionaries to the MRT train station and just got off a random station and went outside on opposite exits. Elder Griffin and I saw lots of miracles. We had 2 lessons on the street that night We found a cool guy who was really excited to read the BoM. It was tons of fun. 

The next day was transfer meeting. I got to see Elder Bennion so that was good. He was translating for the Chinese missionaries.  He is such a boss!  At transfer meetings they have the new missionary introduce themselves in front and then President Day says who their trainer will be. I was like 10th or something but when I was called to be Elder Jensen's trainer I was like CHAHOOO and ran up and gave him a big old hug haha. 

Elder Willes and Elder Jensen hitting the street

Eating a box lunch

Elder Jensen is such a stud. He is from St. George, UT and went to Snow Canyon and graduated from high school this summer. He has great Chinese and that makes me really happy. :) Also he is so enthusiastic, faithful, and just excited to be here. We have already seen so many miracles together. Our first night back in Zhongli a member told us of her 11 yr old son who had been in an accident and wanted a blessing.  We went to the hospital and gave him a blessing. That was really cool! Then we went out finding. Elder Jensen fears no man! Haha he just says hi to everyone and loves sharing the gospel. We met a lady Chen2 Jie3 Mei4, a Christian, that was super cool. We taught her the Restoration and she was really excited to read the BoM. We had a lesson and set her up for this next week so we are excited to meet with her. We also somehow managed to have 21 lessons so that was really cool despite our week being shorter due to transfer meetings and trainings. Heavenly Father blessed us so much. 

Elder Jensen isn't afraid of foods either!  He got me to try some crazy foods this week.  I had chicken neck, fish eyeballs, squid, pickled beets, and more. Squid is soooo good! Love it!  We also had a cool experience last night of getting chased by a dog.  We seriously were biking so hard and fast because that dog was gaining on us!! Somehow we out ran it.  You can see we've had some crazy times already together. We have a great relationship and I'm excited and honored that I have the opportunity to help him progress and be able to help him become the best missionary he can be. 

Joy is doing good!  We gave her a priesthood blessing! She is going for it. She committed to obey the word of wisdom and if all goes well she will have her baptismal interview this weekend and be baptized in 2 weeks. Keep her in your prayers. Also, Ace and Frida came to General Conference and loved it! General Conference is really inspiring. Frida loved President Bednar's talk during the Sunday afternoon session. When he said he was sharing his thoughts for people not yet of our faith I was so pumped. YESSS!!! So inspiring. I myself felt the spirit in every talk and got a lot of great insight. We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet. He is leading us and guiding us in these latter-days.

We had a cool finding experience last night. I pulled up at this light and had this feeling there was a guy who would pull up to my right and I needed to pull him over.  To be honest I didn't really want to because I wanted to get home and make calls but I asked him to pull over anyway. He said YES! This 18 yr old shuai4 ge1 really wants to come unto Christ. He is an honest seeker of truth. He doesn't live in our area but he has great potential and is excited for the ping2 zhen4 sisters to start meeting with him. We also saw other miracles such as finding two lost sheep (LA's) on the street.  What?? So many miracles. Love this work! Love you all. Remember to take what you learned from conference and apply it to life. That is the whole point. Take the inspiration and continue to improve.

Elder Willes

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