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"I really like Jacob 5:72 where the Lord goes out WITH the servants of the Lord (missionaries)
to labor in the vineyard. He is with us and I can feel Him calming me when stressed,
lifting me up when discouraged, and guiding me to those people that are prepared."

This week was a good one! Loving this work! We saw lots of miracles this week. 

The kids are so cute!

We ate some pretty bizarre food this week. haha I had some pig's ear with legit hair on it. So gross.  Also had chicken bum. That wasn't too shabby either. Also, dined on some pig's liver and chicken foot. Not things I would recommend. 

Chicken bum - Not my favorite
Elder Willes and Elder Jensen

Things were pretty cool this week. We had a lots of finding miracles. We found some great people.  The only problem is pretty much all of them don't live in our area. But, we met this really cool guy that is only in Zhong1 Li4 once a month.  We also don't go finding in this particular area very often.  But, we met him and had a great lesson with him. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he told us how his dad recently was diagnosed with cancer. We told him about the Plan of Salvation.  It was a great lesson. I referred him to Elder Marchant because he lives in Xin1 Zhu2. 

This week we also had some really cool service opportunities. We went to our member's house, Brother Bell (from England) and chipped paint off of walls and repainted it. It was tons of fun! Service opportunities are rare here so it was really cool to be able to have that. We also helped our member Xu3 Di4 Xiong1 who is a college student. He had a bunch of friends who for their school project interviewed us at their college asking us what we are doing in Taiwan? Why we are here? Stuff like that and it was really cool! Also, from that service opportunity one of the students asked if he could come to church with us. We were like of course! He brought one of his friends and they were both from China! It was cool. They loved church and even though they don't live in our area they have pretty good interest in the church. 

Elder Jensen is doing awesome. He has a great desire to improve his teaching in Chinese and he is progressing very quickly! We have been doing a lot of role plays (yaaaa buddy) and we've both been able to learn and grow together. We both love finding and it makes me happy knowing how enthusiastic he is for the work. Elder Jensen and I are making a really cool analogy list for teaching the Gospel so if anyone has any cool analogies, please email them to me at william.willes@myldsmail.net :)

Gospel teaching analogies.  Who has them?  Email me.

This week we did a lot of less active work. Our ward mission leader loves bringing those lost sheep back into the fold. We visited a lot of LA's and had some success.  4 of them were able to come to church! That was a pretty cool miracle. We are excited to start helping these less actives see how the Gospel can once again be a big part of their lives. When members become less active it makes me kinda sad and gets me down.  There are a fair amount of less actives throughout Taiwan. It was humbling as I was pondering the Savior and how He was rejected and even had disciples fall away. 

I love President Monson when he said something like, "Dare to be a Mormon. Dare to stand tall, and dare to make it known." I love love love that! We are representing Jesus Christ and it makes me so grateful for being part of HIS work. I was studying Jacob chapter 5 today and absolutely love that chapter. It just makes me so grateful for Jesus Christ and his infinite amount of love and mercy towards us all. I really like Jacob 5:72 when the Lord goes out WITH the servants of the Lord (missionaries) to labor in the vineyard. He is with us and I can feel him calming me when stressed, lifting me up when discouraged, and guiding me to those people that are prepared. So amazing. 

On Sunday, due to a speaker not showing up to sacrament meeting, Elder Jensen and I got to bear our testimonies and that was really cool. :)

As for our vineyard, we let go of a lot of investigators this week who weren't really progressing. Frida sadly moved to America to her boyfriend, but we are praying for her. Sad news about Shi2 Di4 xiong1 in Xin1 Zhu2. Elder Marchant called me and told me he pretty much joined another Christian church. BUT, we have two awesome investigators Joy and Ace! Joy passed her baptismal interview but due to work and other ward activities, she won't be baptized for 2 weeks so we are excited for her! Ace is progressing well and hopefully will get baptized the first few weeks in November. The time goes by fast. I know this is the true church. I'm grateful for the commandments. They make us free. We need to obey them in order to obtain all the promised blessings Heavenly Father is waiting to give us. Love you all! 

After a really busy day dreaming about eating my American Halloween candy!  Thanks!!

Elder Willes

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