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"The highlight of last week was Joy getting baptized.  She is so great.  Over the 
last month her faith has grown so much."
Elder Willes, Joy and Elder Jensen

Well, what a week! I don't even know where to start! Elder Jensen and I saw lots of miracles. The highlight of last week was Joy getting baptized. She is so great. Over the last month her faith has grown so much. We ran into her on the street when we were doing English boarding the day before her baptism. She just started passing out English flyers. She is a boss! She told us she thinks it would be really cool to go on a mission. So we are really trying to help her prepare for a mission! That would be so cool. 

Elder Willes, Sophie (Joy's friend-member), Joy, Peter (Joy's friend-member), Elder Jensen and Elder Nelson

Joy's baptism was great!  A very spiritual baptism. Joy asked me to baptize her and it was a great opportunity. Before we went into the font we (Elder Jensen, Joy and I) said a prayer together and Joy said such a sincere prayer. I just love participating in helping God! Seriously how cool is that? The baptism went smoothly. The font first filled up with cold water and then with hot water so the surface was kinda hot but our toes were really cold haha. 

Joy bore a great testimony after her baptism. Her testimony was centered around gratitude. She gave everyone a shout-out that has helped her along the way. The last person she gave a shout-out to was THE Marianne Willes. Joy talked about how my mom Facebook messaged her everyday and shared her testimony and scriptures with her that strengthened her faith. Everyone's help and love towards Joy finally helped her realize that she could give up tea. She could do this. Mom, I just want to say you are awesome. Such a touching moment for me hearing about how much you have helped Joy. It was a tear shedding moment for sure!

Elder Jensen and Elder Willes 
L to R Joy, Peter, Ace (investigator), next 3 men are members, man with red polo shirt in back is the Bishop, next to him in glasses is West (investigator), David with a mission call to California, Elder Willes and Elder Jensen

We did a lot of less active work this week. Just like President Hinckley said, "if you don't hold onto the fruit that you have obtained, there is no point to doing missionary work." So true. So, we've been really trying to bring the lost sheep back! Zhong1 Li4 has a lot of them. Probably about 90 active members and over 200 less active members so a lot of work to be done. 

We met two cool families last week the Lin2 Family as well as Yao2 Jie Mei4 and her two little kids. We invited Yao2 Jie3 Mei4 to come to church and they did! They loved it. They live in the sisters area so the sisters will start meeting with her. The Lin2 Family is also AWESOME. A great couple.  The dad is really interested in religion and the wife is Catholic. They have a cute little 4 year old. They came to church and absolutely loved it. We are going to invite them to be set a baptismal date this week when we go and visit them. Keep them in your prayers!! We also met a guy from Haiti, naked Jimmy, and he speaks Chinese. How cool is that?? He came to church and loved it. We are going to meet with him as well this week. We also had 6 LA's come to church! Church was such a miracle. So spiritual and so cool to see lots of new and fresh faces at church. Life is good! 

Painting a member's roof

A member in our ward, Lin2 Guan4 You4, who received his mission call to Taichung!  I helped him read his mission call.  Cool stuff!!!

We went to the temple today.  The temple was awesome!  Sorry, we are so short on time.  

Elder Bennion is comps with my trainer Elder Westover!!!  Yaaaaaaaa!  They are my Zone Leaders!
(Seeing this picture of Elder Steven Bennion and Elder William Willes together at the Taipei Temple is a tender mercy.  Here are 2 young men, missionaries, neighbors from home, ward members, friends, almost like brothers, together in Taiwan serving the Lord.  I have always hoped that maybe sometime they would be is the next best thing....serving side-by-side in the same Zone.  I love these two missionaries!! - Marianne)

Elder Willes with Elder Westover (his trainer) and Elder Jensen (who Elder Willes is training now)

Elder Jensen and Elder Willes at the Taipei Temple

Elder Jensen and I are doing super great! Life is good! I think we are going to Taipei 101 today! Yaaaaa should be fun! Love you all! Read the Book of Mormon. It is true and will bless your life! Our spirits need to be fed! Sorry this one is a little shorter.  I wrote a little poem about my feelings and thoughts towards Jesus Christ and His Atonement I want to share:

Filled with mercy. Filled with love. He was sent down from above.
Fulfilling all righteousness. In all circumstances did He thrive.
A sacrifice He makes. To bless us throughout our lives. 
A perfect, selfless example did He set, as we follow, all our trials can be met.
Loosening the bands of death, He paved the path and opened the gate for Eternal Life.
He is risen. He is risen.
The Atoning Sacrifice.
I will always remember. HIM. I will praise forever.

So grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. Such a great example. Love you all!

Elder Willes


Unknown said...

We are so grateful Elder Willes has been assigned to serve and train our son, Elder Jensen. Love these amazing missionaries!! Corinne Jensen

Unknown said...

*serve with* sounds better!! hope he doesn't have to SERVE elder Jensen!

Marianne Willes said...

Bless our cute boys Corinne!