Thursday, November 27, 2014



Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Since Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in Taiwan, everyone needs to eat double turkey, double mashed potatoes and gravy, double pie, etc. for me.  Ahh, now I'm hungry haha. 

Some awesome members fed us this week.  It was so great!

This week was a little bit rougher. We didn't really get to meet with any of our investigators. I don't know if they are avoiding us or what but nobody answered the phone this week. Andy, Ace, Sister Chen2 etc. We didn't have any set ups. So no investigator updates except we heard that Joy told her family about joining the church and got in a little argument with her parents and we don't really know how to help her. (mom maybe you could email her) Also, Sister Chen2 we found out was avoiding us because she really just doesn't want to quit smoking and thought we gave her stress about that. She said she was willing to meet with us tomorrow so we will see how that goes. We had a really cool lesson yesterday with the Lin2 family. We taught about temples and brother Lin2 said a great prayer in the end. The wife wasn't there because she was a little shy because we brought member couple with us. We have a good feeling about this family though!

Our finding efforts on the street this week were all about Team Jesus. We found lots of people and had lots of lessons because we had literally no setups.  All finding time. They all live in other areas so we gave a lot of other missionaries referrals. 

Elder Willes and Elder Bennion

This week on Monday was really cool. I got to go on exchanges with a fellow WX buddy and neighbor Steven Bennion. That was a ball. SO much fun. He came over to Zhong1 Li4. Elder Jensen went over with Elder Westover and loved it. My dad Elder Westover is now AP! Crazy stuff. He already packed his bags and is the new AP in Taipei. Proud of him. What a stud. Elder Bennion and I together had 3 straight hours of finding and it was pouring rain and downright COLD. Coldest night I've had in Taiwan but since then it hasn't been cold. We followed the spirit finding and went somewhere I've never been before and found this guy and had a great lesson! Taught him about the BoM and he loved it. He also set a baptismal date and was really cool! Said it was destiny that we met him. It was special being with Elder Bennion. This investigator Lu2 Di4 Xiong1 is our new Investigator this week and we hope to meet with him later this week!

Elder Jensen, Elder Westover, Elder Willes and Elder Bennion
"I love this pic."

This weekend was awesome because we had Stake Conference. Elder Wang2 from the Seventy came and spoke twice. He was the guy in Conference who spoke in Cantonese. He is a boss. Has a sense of humor and is filled with the spirit. He's bold too! Called us all to repentance.  He talked a lot about how members and missionaries need to work together. It was cool! Also the choir was awesome and Luo2 Jie3 Mei4 the first person I baptized sang in it. She's doing awesome. 

Yesterday was a really special Sunday filled with the spirit. It made everything this week better. The spirit was so strong and I was humbled and filled with gratitude for everyday challenges as a missionary. It is good because it gives us an opportunity to use our agency to be a Christlike missionary. I found great comfort in prayer this week. Heavenly Father really comforted me this week and I testify to everyone if ever EVER you feel lonely, nobody understands you, frustrated, sad, or depressed that the Savior understands us. He understands every single one of us. We just need to express our faith in HIM and get on our knees and talk with Heavenly Father. Tell Him everything. And He will listen. 

I am so grateful for such an amazing family. Nate and Jake you two have been the examples to me all along. Love you both. Dad and Mom I love you both so much. I wish I could describe my gratitude but its too hard and I don't have much time.  Our RC family is taking us to Taipei today. Yaaaaa buddy! Don't know what we are doing but it should be fun! Love you all and have a great Thanksgiving!

Elder Willes

Funny note: I get told on the street a lot I look like Brad Pitt. Best compliment ever.

My tooth is dying.  I'm sure it is from my broken jaw.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



"Miracles and revelations really do happen and God really does communicate with and love all of His children."

Elder Jensen, Sean and Elder Willes out doing missionary work.  Sean has been less active
for a long time but is on his way back.  "Sean is a miracle."

Dear Everyone,

Hello from Zhong1Li4. This week was a good one. Well, every week has trials, setbacks, etc. but every week also has really awesome spiritual experiences. We had about 5 or 6 lessons set up with potential investigators and they all fang'd our ge1zi (they didn't show up). Anyway we had a really cool night where we had two lessons back to back with potential investigators and they both didn't show up and we were a little down, but we decided to press forward and go find. We were led by the spirit to a college kid who we had a great lesson with. Then we ran into another college kid on the way home and taught him about the Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date! Neither live in our area, but seriously they were the first two people we talked to after our cancelled lessons. Such a cool miracle!!

We met a couple from mainland China.  Their accent was SO cool.

Our investigator Sister Chen2 made some great strides this week. We met with her 3 times and she is progressing really fast. She came to church for the first time and LOVED it. She talked about how it felt like a big family and how the atmosphere was so loving! She is so great. She did tell us she smokes and doesn't want to quit so pray for her and pray for us so we can be led by the spirit on how to help her have a desire to do what Heavenly Father wants her to do. We feel really good about her! We also met with Lin2 Family last night and they are great! We invited them to be baptized and they declined. The wife said she already has been baptized and the husband said he hasn't felt the truthfulness yet. It will be a process but they are so nice! After the appt. they gave us 3 HUGE bags of chocolate to eat and when we got home there was another big box that looked like hot chocolate stuff. When Elder Jensen opened it he looked at me and was like, "uhh dude this is straight up coffee." Haha they gave us SO much coffee.  We threw it away. It was kinda funny.

We are working with Ace to try and help him switch jobs. We have members trying to help him to find a job so he can come to church weekly!  Please pray for him.

This week English class was really cool. We thought of a cool idea on teaching our students about what it would be like going to a restaurant in America. So we made a menu and named the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings.  We did a little role play and E. Jensen and I were waiters and taught them about ordering, manners and stuff. It was tons of fun and the students loved it! English class is such a blast. Also, this week we helped Derek finish painting his roof! The project is complete! He was really grateful now that he won't have a leaking roof and it was fun being able to serve him!

Elder Jensen and Elder Willes with a member from another ward who bought them a hot pot.

This week I've dove into Jesus the Christ and am loving it! That book is so cool and I've learned a lot about Jesus Christ and it has really strengthened my testimony. I encourage everyone to get a copy and read it. 

We also met a guy from Turkey on the street! Totally reminded me of Habib! He actually has interest in the gospel and we are meeting with him tomorrow. Crazy stuff. Also, we met these two Jehovah Witness's this week.  The guy was American and his wife was Taiwanese. We shared with them about our church and the Book of Mormon as well as scriptures in the Bible that testify of the Book of Mormon. Even though they didn't really believe it is was super cool just us being these two 19 year old kids boldly bearing testimony of the things we know are true. Super cool. We weren't confounded among men. 

Also the Liu2 family that reminds me of our family had us over for a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was AMAZING. We had mashed potatoes, meatballs, turkey, donuts, etc. I was in heaven for an hour. Cool stuff. 

The Liu2 family had us over for a Thanksgiving dinner.  This family reminds me so much of our family.  The kid I'm standing next to is Michael.  Jake, you and Michael would be best buds!  Such a cool kid!

Thanksgiving!  Yuuuuuuummmmmm!
[They don't celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas in Taiwan so this was a huge treat for Elder Willes.]

The biggest miracle of the week actually happened in Utah. I don't know mom or dad if you guys remember LI3 (the Chinese girl I met at BYU).  [William's Bishop referred him to her because he had received his mission call to Taiwan.]  Cole, Riley and I would meet with her and help her learn about our religion and she taught us Chinese. She emailed me a month ago and told me ever since we started meeting with her she started meeting with missionaries and after 9 months she decided she wanted to be baptized. She was worried her parents wouldn't let her.  I told her that I would pray for her and encouraged her to share her testimony with her parents in China. She emailed me today and her parents were totally accepting and she got baptized yesterday!!! 

CHAHOOO. So cool. I'm seriously so pumped right now!!!  I will send you a picture. This work is true. Miracles and revelations really do happen and God really does communicate with and love all of His children. 


It looks like my Bishop from BYU was able to baptized her!  

Love you all!

Elder Willes

Saturday, November 15, 2014



Wrote you guys a little note in Chinese.  Love you!
[We asked our friend Thomas Chen to translate the note for us...]
"Hello family:  I am Elder Willes, a missionary of the Church.  I indeed know that I am doing the Lord's work.  I know this Church is true and believe we are all children of God.  God loves and blesses us!  Love you family.  Elder Willes"

"We have started a scripture reading class on Saturday nights and we read the Book of Mormon 
with members, less actives and investigators.  It was awesome!"

Hello! Boy was this such a good week! I saw so many miracles and had some awesome experiences. Elder Jensen and I are doing awesome and working super hard together. We had 20 lessons this week!!

Our member M, who has been an awesome help to missionaries, has been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks.  We went and visited him. He has schizophrenia. The doctor told us that in a few months M should be back to normal but his mind isn't cooperating right now. We went and saw him and shared a little spiritual message. I just felt so much love for him. He's my brother and I wanted to help him. We decided to give him a priesthood blessing of comfort. I gave him a blessing and the spirit was so strong after. Even though he might not remember that blessing in the future I KNOW he felt God's love and felt comfort, peace, and even joy in this time of trial. 

On the street this week I asked a kid if he believed in God and he said no. I asked why? He said because if God really loves us why does he allow us to suffer? Why does he allow trials to happen and bad things to happen to good people. When he asked that it made me so grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel. I shared with him that I know we all face trials but the purpose of them is to allow us to learn, grow, become better, and become Christ-like. I shared that if we don't have trials we don't have a way of experiencing true joy, happiness, or opportunities to really improve. I also read with him Alma 60:13 and in 2 Nephi 2 and talked with him about why God gives us opposition. It was really cool. I would encourage everyone to look at their trials with a bigger perspective and a different vision. What can I learn from this?(type of attitude) We will then be able to improve daily and become more like Christ. The scriptures are our lives instruction manual and can answer any questions we have! I know when I can look at my trials differently, I feel better.

We tried baking cookies in the rice cooker.  Yes this is supposed to be cookies.  A FAIL!!!
We've got cooking problems and oil problems.

Random tank we saw on the street

We saw so many miracles this week. We were hoping to find some service opportunities this week and got one on Monday! We were biking to FHE and saw an older lady pushing this little cart with TONS of cardboard boxes. Elder Jensen and I like read each other's minds and immediately stopped and started helping this 80 yr old woman push her cart. Even though everything fell off 2 or 3 times and we had to pick it up we finally helped her get everything to her house. It was a cool experience and she kept telling us how grateful she was. It was really special. Service brings TRUE happiness. We also were eating dinner at this place on Saturday and I asked the worker if they had water and he just gave me a water bottle for free. The light of Christ is all around us.

We also found 6 new investigators this week!!  We have a new investigator family with a mom and 2 cute little kids. We met with them last night and they are great! Sister Wu3 is her name. Keep them in your prayers! We also have another investigator Sister Chen2. She is really cool. She is a Catholic but we shared the Book of Mormon with her and she really liked it. She is excited to start reading. Also the guy from Haiti is really cool! We shared the Restoration with Jimmy and he liked it. He was willing to start reading the Book of Mormon and pray about it! Also the Lin2 Family is doing great. The wife has been sick but the husband came to church and has a lot of questions but he really likes our church. We are hoping to go visit them this week! Alisa came to FHE and liked it but was too busy during the week to meet with us. All our other investigators were busy this week but now we have lots of people to work with and are excited for them all!! This week is pruning the vineyard time :) Also, Sean our LA is still doing great and coming to church weekly. So cool seeing him change the past month. 

We have started a scripture reading class on Saturday nights and we read the Book of Mormon with members, less actives and investigators. It was really successful! We had about 10 people come.  It was awesome!

The ward this week also had a primary program. So cute!!! Asian kids are sooo cute! Haha and man they sing LOUD. The "Quality" of the singing I don't know, but "Quantity" was really good haha :) Really great church meetings! We fasted with Ace and he really has a desire to improve. He came to church and is so close to baptism! We invited him to quit his work to keep the sabbath day holy but he told us he doesn't think he can quit work. We are still working with him! He is awesome we just hope to help him see the importance of the sabbath. 

I read D&C 88:63 today and really love it. Heavenly Father loves us. We are all equal in His eyes but we need to come unto Him and Jesus Christ and then they in return will come unto us. Love that scripture.

"Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."  Doctrine and Covenants 88:63

Sorry this is a really long one. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Jensen, Thomas Chen and Elder Willes.  Thomas Chen is a member from XinZhu, a previous city Elder Willes served in.  Thomas, a dear friend, took the train to Zhongli to take these Elders out of lunch.  #thereisgoodnessallaroundtheworld

Elder Willes writing as Thomas was helping him to translate some of the analogies
they are gathering to help in teaching.

Thomas Chen

Elder Willes

Tuesday, November 4, 2014




"There are many honorable ways to do missionary work and it's such a privilege 
being able to touch people's lives daily!" 

Zhong1 Li4 District!
L to R Sister Xie4 from Taipei, Sister Sagisi from Hawaii (2 transfers younger than me), Sister Zippro from Utah (on her last transfer), Sister Lin2 from Taichung (on her 3rd transfer), Elder Jensen (1st transfer), Elder Willes

Hello everyone!

This week was a great one. First off, this week was a great one! Elder Jensen and I got to go to the temple! That place is so special. It's so cool going into the temple with lots of missionaries.  Super great. I love going to the temple. I wish we got to go to the temple more, but I'm grateful that our mission has a temple and that we get to go. 

Elder Jensen and I also went with Elder Nelson and Elder Heaps to Taipei 101 (the 3rd tallest building in the world) after the temple for P-day. That was soooo fun! The elevator takes you to the top in 37 seconds. Your ears pop like on an airplane. So crazy and so high. You can also go outside on the deck and it is an awesome view!

Elder Nelson, Elder Willes, Elder Jensen and Elder Heaps
The observation deck on the 91st floor (picture from Elder Jensen)

Our investigator situation is slowly improving. We have a new investigator Lai4 Jie3 Mei4 who we met on the street and is great! She has been a less active Christian for over 20 years. She really wants to come unto Christ again. We met with her and shared the Restoration with her. She loved it. She was crying and you could tell she could feel the Spirit. She said this next Sunday she will be able to bring her kids to church! We are excited. Also, we were unable to meet with the Lin2 Family because they are busy but we are excited to meet with them this next week. They are a great family and we can't wait to invite them to baptism. Ace is doin' good. He is still just kinda not admitting he has faith. We know he has faith, but he just can't commit to faith. We are hoping to fast with him this week and really help him have a spiritual experience and be able to recognize answers to his prayers. 

Tonight we have our investigator Alisa going to FHE with us. We decided to stop meeting with her because she wasn't progressing but she showed up to church last week and looks like she has some desire so we are hoping she will like FHE this week. We also spent some time calling former investigators this past week and we called A LOT. Maybe about 50 and one, Li3 Di4 Xiong1 came to church!! It was awesome. We are meeting with him this next Wednesday so that should be exciting. We are also meeting with the guy from Haiti (Jimmy) this next week. He was sick last week. He is really cool though! 


We focused this week on LA's and RC's. We have an LA named Sean who we have been involved a lot in missionary work. He hadn't been to church for 2 years but has came the past 4 weeks. He is awesome. So cool to see him progress. We hope the Bishop will call him as a ward missionary to help us. We also have another Less Active, Liu2 Di4 Xiong1, who  we met with and is really cool. We think he has some pretty good potential for coming back into the fold! All in all we had 5 LA's come to church! That was really cool. We also saw in previous notes that one of the LA's we contacted this week, Chen2 Di4 Xiong1, used to be a strong member. It said on our records that his favorite hymn was, "Nearer My God to Thee."  When he answered our call I talked to him and he is in Thailand for work but I wanted to sing that song for him. So Elder Jensen and I sang it for him and you could tell it made his day. He said when he gets back we can meet with him again :) There are many honorable ways to do missionary work and it's such a privilege being able to touch people's lives daily! 

Brother Bell, a member from England, has asked us to help him with some painting.  Super fun!
Dad he says that England is the best place for missionaries. :)

We also met with Chen2 Family our RC's. They are so great!!! We want to get them to the temple to do temple baptisms as soon as possible so that's what we are shooting for. They are going to try to take work off so the parents can go to the temple and do baptisms. 

Things are great here. My comp is great and is growing  as a missionary very quickly. We have tons of fun together and are amazed at the miracles we see daily. I just want to testify of the power of the Sacrament. If we are willing to prepare ourselves for partaking of the Sacrament, our Sunday experience at church will be filled with the Spirit. Yesterday church was awesome! I love my Savior. I love Heavenly Father and know they love me too. 

Elder Willes


-I had a Dr. Pepper this week!  I haven't seen one of these for 10 months.

We ate at an American place.  A big burger and DR. PEPPER!

-Chinese characters in Phase 3 are slowly but surely coming. I know about 500 characters right now!! 

-Biking is never easy.  We probably bike like 15-20 miles a day maybe? Not sure. We bike a lot though!! I like biking as long as it is not gusting wind. Yes, mom I'm being careful. Drivers here are insane though! 

More Taipei 101

A never ending mirror.  It looks like you will fall.

Outside on the observation deck
The damper for the building to keep it steady
From Wikipedia:
Taipei 101 is designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquake tremors common in its area of the Asia-Pacific. Planners aimed for a structure that could withstand gale winds of 134 mph and the strongest earthquakes likely to occur in a 2,500 year cycle.[13]
Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers along with Evergreen Consulting Engineering designed a 660-tonne (728-short-ton)[15] steel pendulum that serves as a tuned mass damper, at a cost of NT$132 million (US$4 million).[16]Suspended from the 92nd to the 87th floor, the pendulum sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts. Its sphere, the largest damper sphere in the world, consists of 41 circular steel plates of varying diameters, each 125 mm (4.92 in) thick, welded together to form a 5.5 m (18 ft) diameter sphere.[17] Two additional tuned mass dampers, each weighing 6 tonnes (7 short tons), are installed at the tip of the spire which help prevent damage to the structure due to strong wind loads.[16]