Tuesday, July 7, 2015


"It's been a crazy week but I'm feeling blessed. This week I feel very strongly that I am where I'm supposed to be. 
I haven't really had that feeling the past 6 weeks, but now I know, and am very grateful!"

Hello and Happy 4th of July everyone! 
We celebrated here in Taiwan by eating delicious American burgers and fries for a meal on Saturday. Seriously, American food tops it all. 

Last year on the 4th of July Elder Marchant and I found Brother Zhong1 who ended up being baptized so that was really cool! An even better way to celebrate. This year was a little harder. Lots of rejection, really hot, and lots of rain. It's all good this was such a great week!

This week I said goodbye to President and Sister Day. You could tell they had mixed feelings. Excited to see their family but sad to leave all the missionaries. 

The last day with President and Sister Day we went out for mango-ice.  The best!

Bright and early Tuesday morning (4:00 a.m.) Elder Stewart and I left to pick up our new Mission President and his family.  The Jergensen's flight had got in an hour early so they were already there at the airport waiting for us! We drove President Jergensen's 3 kids back to the mission home. The two 15 year old twin boys and their 19 year old daughter. It felt like I was back with Nate and Jake again. Pretty cool! 

Leaving bright and early to go pick up President Jergensen and his family
President Jergensen's kids
We got home from the airport and were super stressed trying to get everything situated and President Jergensen called us and said, "I want you to meet my family." So we went over and spent an hour introducing ourselves and getting to know each other.  The Jergensens are a really personal and loving family. Really easy to connect with! They LOVE boating and love sports. They also love to visit California and are HUGE BYU fans. I quizzed their BYU knowledge and yup they are definitely true blue. Said its a little rough living in Logan being a die-hard Cougar fan. Haha good stuff. 

The exchange of keys and phones.  Bitter-sweet for all of us!

The next morning we got a call from President and he said, "Elders we need to go do some missionary work this morning." So we went to breakfast with his family and then went on splits for about an hour. I went with Brecken one of the 15 year old twins. The first girl we talked to was really cool and we even had a lesson with her. Brecken prayed for her and bore his testimony all in Chinese. I was impressed! The Lord was pouring out miracles on us!  The entire family is just so pumped about being here to share the gospel.  It is incredible. It was definitely a morning of miracles. I loved it. President Jergensen was talking to everyone he could see. 

We took them on a variety of errands this week (food, camera shop, DMV for licenses and tons more). We have met with President and have created a vision for the mission that each companionship can have 1 baptism per month. There are like 93 companionships in the mission. That would be really cool! 

This week we also had a new meeting with the newly called District Leaders. It was the first time President Jergensen spoke to us all. He expressed how much he loved us and how they loved us before they got here. You can just feel that love! So great. 

The next day we had the Mission Leadership Council for all  Zone Leaders and all Sister Training Leaders. Elder Stewart and I trained on "the power and authority of your calling." We wanted to get all these missionary leaders fired up and pumped up for the week. To start our training I read my mission call and we talked about how the Lord from the get-go has put His trust and confidence in us. We shared some cool scriptures and to finish we had them all stand up. We talked about the importance of unity and uniting together as God's army and said, "Elders hug every single Elder in this room and Sisters the same with Sisters." We are striving to be one in purpose and action. Then we shared Mosiah 18:21 "One HUG, one faith, one united mission, one baptism." We are united and doing the same work together. It was super cool! Then we all sang Let us all Press on. It was So cool! Such a cool training. 

We had a great member lesson. Elder Stewart had a great idea with this member family. We sang hymns to them while they pondered about who was ready for a gospel message. They made a list of like 15 people and they are pumped to go and share the gospel with their friends and family. 

Our investigator Wang2 JM is doing really well! Coming to church every week and should be getting baptized July 25th so we are excited for that! Our less active member Sun1 JM came to church again so that was super exciting!! Sunday we had a new member fireside that I conducted and Sister Jergensen bore her testimony in Chinese! 

I love Grandma Bingham and will miss her and her fudge.  She is so great and happy and kind. Tell Mamoo I love her and am sorry about Grandma. 

It's been a crazy week but I'm feeling blessed. This week I feel very strongly that I am where I'm supposed to be. I haven't really had that feeling the past 6 weeks, but now I know, and am very grateful! By the way my p-day will be switching to Saturdays so we can help out on Mondays. Too much to do. So next week I will be emailing on Saturday. Good stuff. Love you all!! 

Elder Willes

We have 6 cute teenagers that are serving 7-day mission and going and living with missionaries for 7 days to do missionary work.  We assigned one of the Elders to Ban Qiao with Elder Tan.  We held a little transfer meeting for them.  It was cool!

Treats from home
Killing roaches

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