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"The gospel is true. Brings us the most rewarding peace and happiness in this life. Gives us Hope. Helps us have confidence and trust because the Lord is our light!"

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Skyping was so fun! Love you so much. 

We are off to the temple today. Love it! Sorry this email will probably be short. This last week and a half have all been a blur. We have worked really hard! 

Last week we did a little district tsunami! We have 2 companionships in our district that don't have a lot of investigators to work with so all 4 of our companionships went into their area to find and contact people for a few hours. It was tons of fun. We found some good potentials for them and it was an experience that bonded our district.

Good news! Xiao1 JM will be getting baptized this Saturday. She is incredible. She has such a great testimony and one thing I've learned from teaching her is that when we do our part to teach by the spirit, and if people have real intent to find out if these things are true, they will ALWAYS get their answer. 

A few weeks ago mom emailed me and told me I should again share with Xioa1 JM Alma 32 and I felt impressed to share the same chapter. When I shared Alma 32 with Xiao1 she told me that she had come across that chapter just the day before and really liked it! The Lord's hand is directly in this work.

The conversion process is like this: 



                                                                           Missionary                       Investigator

Missionaries are just the tool. We just need to help the investigator see the connection they individually have with God. We are God's servants and messengers that are encouraging and inviting God's children to come unto Christ. So cool! Super excited for the baptism.Thanks to everyone for the prayers on her behalf! Truly a miracle! 

I went on exchanges with Elder Brinton (another trainee) in our district and we went finding and found some really cool people! Elder Dexter and I also went finding yesterday and the first kid we talked to we had a really cool lesson with. I was teaching him about prayer and we were feeling pretty bold. He expressed doubts of how he didn't know if God could answer his prayer. I told him he needed to CHOOSE to believe and then God will answer your prayer. He said, "OK I will believe." We prayed for him on that crowded and loud street and the spirit was so strong. He felt it and after the prayer he said, "I want to learn more! I want to come to church!" But after talking to him for a little while he said that he didn't actually need it anymore. So he didn't give us his phone number. It was really sad but I learned another valuable lesson: If we aren't willing to ACT on the spiritual impressions and feelings God gives us, we have no way to improve our relationship with God and find the true joy and happiness that the gospel brings. The key in Alma 32 and Moroni 10 is action. 

It is just like rowing a boat. If only one side is rowing (believing) but the other side isn't (works) our boat will just go in a circle and won't progress. FAITH with WORKS is how we become fluent in the language of the spirit and more like our Savior :)

Also, we felt prompted to go visit a LA family last night, they were home and we had a great lesson with them! The Ye4 family. Keep them in your prayers. Hopefully they can get to church. Also, Tang2 DX got called as Young Men's President on Sunday! Such a great guy. Super cool turnaround he's made. 

Right now I'm studying charity so if anyone has any cool insights, quotes, scriptures, or experiences about charity please shoot them my way. Thanks!

The gospel is true. Brings us the most rewarding peace and happiness in this life. Gives us Hope. Helps us have confidence and trust because the Lord is our light! Love you all. Have a great week!

Sorry forgot the camera today. 

Elder Willes

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