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"The Lord is blessing our area tremendously right now. We are working with so many investigators it's honestly hard to keep track of them all. I feel so grateful. I love the people here and feel like we are right on the edge of amazing stuff."

Our small little English class

Tang2 DX with Elders Tan and Willes

On exchanges with Elder Aiono

Wang2 DX and Elder Willes

Odin, who is from Zhong1 Li4, came and visited me.  So great to see him.

BACK TO BACK!! We had 9 investigators at sacrament meeting this week! Things are on fire right now! Holy cow so many cool miracles this week. 

Our investigator Xiao1 JM is doing great. Her faith has grown so much. She gave me a puzzle this week and thanked me for helping her come to know Jesus Christ. It was just the sweetest thing ever. The puzzle is one Xiao1 JM put together and had framed and shows verses from the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 about charity. Super cool. I had to give her a hug. She has probably been the biggest miracle on my mission and is such an incredible lady.  We really are so alike. Her baptismal interview is this coming Wednesday. She is having fears again. Please everyone keep her in your prayers. Xiao1 Dong1 Ling3 JM.  She is awesome!

Another cool miracle this week happened when we were all English boarding together. This lady self contacted the other Elders and told them she had just returned from Utah. She went to General Conference, visited the Bountiful Temple, etc. Her sister is a member in Tai2 Zhong1. The Elders then brought her to us because she lives in our area.  She asked me, "How do I join?! I loved Conference and want to join!" Haha it was crazy. We set a baptismal date with her on the spot for 6/7/15 and she came to church on Sunday with her 2 grand kids  She is awesome! Xu2 JM. We also had a lot of people come to church that were busy and not able to meet with us last week but they still came to church. Our investigator Sean and his friend came! His friend set a baptismal date for the end of June. Su1 DX. Also Mr. LIN came again and Lin2 Zhi4 Ren2 sat by him. Lin2 Li3 Jun4 also came. (eternal investigator)  CHURCH WAS JUST INCREDIBLE. I had to get up there and bear my testimony. I shared my knowledge found in Ether 4:12 that Christ can and will be our best friend if we let him. It was pretty cool! Another special day I will remember forever.

The Zhou1 Family is doing great. They were busy and not able to meet during the week but they are progressing well. We should be meeting with them this week! We also have another cool family we are meeting with the Su1 Family. We contacted into them. They are Catholic but not active. We shared the restoration with them. They are awesome! Have a lot of questions and are busy, but have great potential. 

The Lord is blessing our area tremendously right now. We are working with so many investigators it's honestly hard to keep track of them all. I am nervous about the transfer meeting in 3 weeks. Elder Tan is such a boss. I don't want to leave him or this area! I hope we can stay together for another transfer! I love the people here and feel like we are right on the edge of amazing times.

Our investigator Amy

Our investigator Li3 JM (center) who is from Indonesia and the woman on the far right is Ester who is the other Elder's investigator   
Shi1 DX

We had a cool finding experience this week. We were biking out to this huge park complex and on the way I felt we needed to go visit this LA at work at her eye shop and just say hi. So we turned around and went right down this little alley to her work. We talked to her for like 2 minutes and she was busy. In my mind I wondered why I felt we needed to be there.  As we were walking out to our bikes and we saw this college kid sitting on his scooter. We started talking to him and he was the nicest kid ever and so ready for the gospel. I asked him if we could pray for him. I prayed for him and then asked him, "how do you feel man?" He paused and thought for like 2 minutes before he answered and said, "I felt the most warm and peaceful feeling ever. I don't know how to describe it."  It touched me knowing it was maybe the first time in his life feeling the Holy Ghost. We then taught him about the Book of Mormon. When I went to give it to him he said, "For free??? I can just go buy it somewhere. Just tell me where to buy it and I will buy it." We explained to him that God wanted him to have His word so he could improve his family relationships and have a happier life. He doesn't get along with his parents. It was such a tender moment for me! We referred him off to the Ying1 Ge1 sisters because he lives in their area. We see stuff like this daily! 

Chen2 DX

We met an RM on the MRT!  Super cool stuff!

Miracles are everywhere. The spirit is real. 我知道這個教會是真實的! I know this church is true! I know people back home are praying for us. We appreciate it. We can feel your strength. All these miracles that missionaries see are from every one's prayers combined with hard work into this huge spiritual force going out into the world and preaching the Good News- GOSPEL. 

Ether 6:3 Just substitute Stones for missionaries :) 

Love you all! 大家一起加油!

Elder Willes

One year ago Zhou1 Chang2 En1 was baptized.  He is such a stud.  I gave him a phone call yesterday and he was so excited to hear my voice.  He is doing great and is going to church every week and loving life.  He is 14 now.  He will be a great missionary!

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