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Hope everyone has had a good week! Happy birthday Jake! Love you tons man. Eat lots of good, sweet, American food for me! Also, happy birthday to Mamoo! Love you!

Love you took!

This week was another great one. 

P-day was good. We went to this big shopping mall and ate at Chili's.  It was so, so delicious. I got this HUGE molten chocolate cake thing. Oh man. Prime. 

On Tuesday we had a really cool district meeting. I was really trying to think of ways we could all help our RC's and LA's grow because that was the topic for the meeting. I made this chart with every investigator, RC, and LA in the district with 3 columns next to the names (friend, service, and nourished by the word of God).  This is President Hinckley's counsel to use these 3 tools to retain and strengthen. I invited everyone in the district to use this method with the ward councils and everyone saw cool miracles! The sisters even had a few RC's finally get a calling and temple recommends. We hopefully will have Lin2 Zhi4 Ren2 DX getting a calling here in the next few weeks! Really cool! 

Also we were out finding Tuesday night and it was a rough night of finding until we found this one guy and he was like "I'm Atheist. I gotta go!" I answered, "Please just give us 1 minute to talk to you." I was able to teach him about prayer and pray for him and he felt the Holy Ghost! It was really cool. God loves everyone even those who don't love Him. 

Finally got a box with more copies of the Book of Mormon

On Wednesday we met with our investigator Xiao1 JM. She is great. Came to church for the 3rd straight week. She is still worried about baptism. She feels scared but after we met with her she said this really cool prayer and said, "Sometimes I feel like this impossible. Please make impossible become possible!!" She said this all in English. She's so great. I just feel bad for her. She has seizures every day and had another one at church. Pray for her. She is coming unto Christ! Also, English class was NUTS. In our beginner class we had over 30 people haha it was so awesome. If we have that many this week I will take a picture for you!

We also met with Lin2 Li3 Jun4 whose parents oppose him learning about Jesus Christ but he still comes to church every week. He set a new baptismal date for August 2016 when he turns 20! He will make that date! 

On Friday I did a baptismal interview for the zone leaders investigator.  Cai4 JM is a 24 yr old girl with so much faith. Her family opposes and she's the oldest in her family. It was such a spiritual experience for both of us. She will get baptized this next week! We also met with our new investigator Lin2 JM a 70 year old christian lady. We had our RC Lin2 DX help us with that lesson. When we got to the restoration Lin2 DX just took over and taught with the spirit. My jaw dropped. Seeing my RC teach the restoration so powerfully was unreal! Our investigator was like, "Oh I get it! That's why we needed a restoration! Because the authority wasn't on the Earth." Lin2 DX answered, "No mistake." I was so pumped.  It was so so so sick! 

We spent a lot of time finding and English boarding this week.  Met with Isabel.  Her parents still oppose but we are hoping to meet with them and help their hearts to soften.  On Sunday I did another baptismal interview for the sisters. Meng2 JM. So cool! I can't tell you how much I love seeing people just glowing with excitement and their desire to get baptized! Went really well!

On Sunday all the church topics were on the talk, "Is it I?" and then that day I got the letter from mom with the talk, "Is it I?" Super cool! 

I just want to testify of the restoration of the gospel. I don't think before my mission I realized how important the restoration is. I didn't realize how crucial it is that we have a testimony that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I testify that he did! The Book of Mormon is true. If you doubt these things go ask God. He answers every real intent and sincere prayer. I know that because I've tested it. It works! God loves us all. The Book of Mormon is the best and most true book on Earth. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Willes

Another really wet week in Taiwan - We woke up early this morning, p-day, to go to McD's for breakfast and got drenched!  It's crazy!  This week we have had several dry days and apparently they were going to shut off all the water supply for a few days.  All the members told us to pray for rain so we could have running water.

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