Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Transfer 8 - Week 2

"As we knelt on the hard sidewalk on the side of the road, she said one of the 
most sincere prayers I've ever heard. The spirit was so strong!"

HUMP DAY!  Pretty cool to say you've served the Lord for a full year. This past year has been amazing and I want to make every day count this coming year count so here we go! On my year mark I treated Elder Jensen and I to some AWESOME Thai food. So delicious. And spicy.

My super hilarious hump day poster.  Thanks!

This week not a ton happened, but we did see some really cool miracles just like every week. 

We got to go to the temple last week and that was awesome. Going to the temple with a ton of missionaries is one of the coolest things ever. I love it.  Can't explain it seeing all those missionaries there in common purpose and there worshipping together in the temple.  It is cool to be together and bond together.  Super special. 

Our investigator situation is pretty similar. Lin2 Li3 Jun4 is still having family opposition. We are meeting with him tomorrow and hope to meet his family this week and help them see the blessings of the gospel. He's asked multiple times if he could get baptized and his parents told him no twice. So we are hoping 3rd times a charm! Our homeless investigator Lin2 Di4 Xiong1 has cut down half of his cigarettes. But he is still smoking about a pack a day. It's hard to follow up with him because he doesn't have a phone, so we are going to try and visit him 2 or 3 times this week. He has a great desire. But to be frank quitting smoking probably isn't that easy so he's struggling. He comes to church every week and absolutely loves it. We are really optimistic about these two. Please keep them in your prayers!

Also we had a few really cool lessons this week. One was with our investigator Yang2 Jie3 Mei4 who met with missionaries before. We saw her record and called her and she set up! It's really cool because she has a huge desire to know which church is true. We taught her the restoration, and pieces of the Plan of Salvation/Gospel of Jesus Christ and then invited her to kneel with us and ask Heavenly Father if the things we shared were true. We challenged her to express everything that she was feeling and thinking. As we knelt on the hard sidewalk on the side of the road, she said one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard. The spirit was so strong! She then set a baptismal date for 3/14/15! She's so cool! She's very busy, still has doubts, her husband opposes the church, etc. so she has a lot of obstacles, BUT she has a lot of Faith. And through Faith we can do all things! Keep her in your prayers as well as we try and help her. 

Elder Jensen teaching Elder Willes how to cook some type of spaghetti using chicken.
Gabi Chen2 was busy this week but we are excited to meet with her this week. Our new investigator is a mom Liu2 Jie3 Mei4 who we met in a park. She is really cool and we have met with her twice. We really hope to help her family meet the gospel. She shows some pretty good promise. We also met with a Less Active Return Missionary this week and boldly just invited him to do the things the Lord commands him haha. We asked him if he could come to church. He hesitated for like 2 minutes and I was praying so hard in my heart that he would say yes and he did! He came for all 3 hours and looked so happy! We hope to bring this lost sheep back. Elder Jensen and I were stoked when we came to church!

Another cool thing that happened this week we went finding at this park and just after we finished a lesson with this other lady a basketball bumps my foot. I pick it up and there were like 25 kids playing basketball. I was like "if I make a halfcourter we get to teach you all about Jesus Christ, hao3 bu4 hao3? Haha they were like ok! I was praying so hard I would make it. That thing literally was in and out. Such a bummer. SO close. But it gets better. We offered a second deal. Elder Jensen and I take on your two best players in a 5 minute game and if we win we get to teach you all about Jesus. This time we won! So sat on this big grass lawn in a circle with like 20-25 high school kids and taught them about Jesus Christ and taught them how to pray and taught them about the BoM! It was super cool. After we gave 3 copies of the Book of Mormon to 3 who had the most interest in our message. They thanked us a ton for helping them feel a gan3dong4 which just means a very special, peaceful feeling. It was really cool. One thing I will remember for a long time.

Elder Willes with a few of the kids they played basketball with and then taught the Gospel to.

This weekend I have been sick with a fever, and a very sore throat, etc.  So we stayed in for half of Saturday and called a million people haha. But no need to worry because I am on an antibiotic. So I should be good in like 2 days now! 

It's cool Bishop Black invited the ward to read Alma cause that's where I'm reading right now. I decided my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma 26 with Ammon. I love that big picture of Ammon in my room. My scripture hero! I love Alma 26 because that's how I feel about missionary work. When I'm biking and it gets hard I just will like repeat v.12 and pumps me up and I also love v.37 because God loves and knows everyone. It doesn't matter who we are, what we've done, where we live, what religion we have, He loves us. And I'm so grateful for that. Love the Book of Mormon. I testify it's true. BoM shi4 zhen1shi2de. I encourage you all to apply the Book of Mormon in your life and that's when you will get the most out of it!!

Elder Peterson and his wife are finishing up here from their mission and heading home.  He is a great guy.

PS Happy birthday tomorrow Dad! Weird that your last birthday I was on my mission too. Love you a lot and thanks for being a great example!

My bike made it here and all is well.  The package came.  Thank you.  The pop tarts are AWESOME!!!  The sink got fixed.  For the English class here I teach the beginner class.  It's fun.  I'm praying for Brother Townsend.  

Elder Willes

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