Monday, February 2, 2015



Hello everyone,

I'm alive and well here in Ban3Qiao2 and finally feeling better. 

I saw lots of tender mercies this week. One little one, that is kinda cheesy, but I like it because it is a good reminder that the Lord is in the little details of my life. I couldn't find my CTR ring all day and so I said a prayer.  A minute later I found it under tons of books and stuff! It was crazy. I like my CTR ring because it's a constant reminder to me of Christ as we have all covenanted to always remember him. It felt important to me to find it.

For English class we played red light green light with our students and they loved it haha. We also had a specialized training this week and all went to Taipei for a full day of trainings.  I always learn a lot there. President Day is a great mission president and so BOLD. He's like Nephi. Not intimidated by anyone or anything. He is also very inspiring and all of his "pep talks" are something I will remember for a long, long time. I am grateful for someone who has so much love for all of his missionaries!

We had a lot of cool lessons this week. One was with our investigator Jiang1 Jie3 Mei4, who is a 20 year old college student. We prepared a lesson on God and we knew she had something bothering her that she was not telling us the whole lesson.  In the end, after asking her questions, she finally told us she has heard a lot of bad things about our church.  We were able to clear everything up with her and she even came to church yesterday!! 

We met again with our RM Tang Di4 Xiong1. It's a sad situation but we are working with him and trying to help him. He opened up about how he feels like the commandments control him and he wants "adventure" in his life. Elder Jensen and I were really praying about what we could share with him and we shared Alma 32 and taught about how once we plant the seed we must nurture it. Planting is a start but it is not enough.  The whole point of Alma 32 isn't just to start to have faith but it is the constant nourishment of our faith that allows it to grow. I love that! It was a spiritual lesson. As I reflected on my life I can definitely see myself so much happier because of the gospel and Christ's commandments. This was such a spiritual lesson and Tang Di4 Xiong1 came to church AGAIN! We are working with him trying to get him a calling and to the temple again.

Also, this week my companion was hit by a car! Elder Jensen is OK and was protected and not injured. The roads here are crazy.  A member in our fast and testimony meeting yesterday shared a testimony about wishing their family could share in the beliefs of Jesus Christ.  Family opposition is very common in Taiwan.  It is hard.  Most members are the only members in their families.

Our ward is good and very small. The bishop is a really humble guy. We are going over to meet with he and his family this week.  He was recently called about a month ago.  The ward split a month ago.  Our mission is shrinking and areas temporarily closing.  Missionaries are continuing to struggle to get visas to Taiwan.  We are all praying for them.  

I wish you all could see the funny things of Taiwan too. Our awesome EQP reps Nike shoes to church.  We had a lady in sacrament meeting tell everyone over the pulpit to feed the missionaries during Chinese New Year - in 3 weeks! It is good stuff.

All of our other investigators are still struggling with family opposition. It's a big problem in Taiwan. But we are working with them. The biggest miracle this week is probably our homeless investigator Lin2 Di4 Xiong1. I feel like we are Alma and Amulek in Chapter 32 teaching him because he's so humble. Such a great guy. We really tried to think outside the box on how to help him quit smoking. We got him hand sanitizer and mouthwash, washed all of his clothes for him, and a poster that quotes 1 Nephi 3:7 "I will go and do." We gave all these things to him and also fasted with him yesterday. By the end of church (our church is 2:00-5:00 p.m.) he was so tired but it was such a spiritually filled Sunday. He's a trooper and has so much faith! He's now 2 days clean with no smoking! So if all goes well he will have an interview this next week and then get baptized in 2 weeks! Please keep him in your prayers.  He can do this!

I'm so happy right now. I've been reading in Alma 26-34 this week and learned so much. My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma 26 because I feel like Ammon. I am so grateful for my mission.  An amazing opportunity. 

I know that every day reading the scriptures will bless our lives so much and most importantly help us come to know our Savior. We will be able to feel His love. Love you all! Please read the Book of Mormon. It is the greatest book on this Earth. I know this church is true and when we serve others we will have joy and peace. We need to put others first and then Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will bless US!

Elder Jensen and Elder Willes at the internet cafe to send emails on.  The internet cafe in this area
is so nice and usually filled with online gamers.

Love you all. Have a good week!  See the tender mercies daily!

Elder Willes

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