Friday, January 16, 2015


Hello Da4 Jia1!

This week was another good one. A week filled with some pretty cool miracles. One day Elder Jensen and I were out finding and we said a prayer and then both felt like we should go a specific direction. We knocked on this door and this super nice Christian lady opened up. We taught her the Restoration and then got to the Book of Mormon and realized neither of us had a Book of Mormon! Zao1Gao1! We told her we would run home and grab one. So we ran home, grabbed one, came back and then taught her and gave her a copy. It was cool! She's pretty busy but we hope to meet with her in the next few weeks.

This is Brother Wu2, our ward mission leader.  He is awesome!
It was Brother Wu2's birthday this week so we bought him a cake and ate it after church.   I love that guy so much!

I keep forgetting to tell you that I've been the English Leader this transfer for our English classes.  It is fun, but kinda stressful! We also switched and now teach the little kids' class. Our students consist of a cute family that has 2 little kids. We taught them the ABC's and the "wise man built his house upon the rock" song.  Super awesome.  This week we will also be having our English party!

This is David.  He has been such a big help! He heads off for his mission tomorrow to San Francisco.  He is gonna be a great missionary.  David is such a chill kid.  I'm excited to hang out with him after the mish.  He might go to BYU.

One day we felt we needed to visit a member but we didn't know who. After praying, I felt like we should visit Mike in the hospital. About 10 minutes later Mike called us and was like I'm out of the hospital! So we met him and he is going to start coming to church again. So good to have him back. 

The funniest thing happened on Saturday. We were out finding at a park and kept getting rejected over and over and over. So we were like, "OK, we gotta make contacting more fun to brighten our spirits." We saw all these high school kids playing basketball. We went up to them and were like, "Hey we will play you guys 3-3 (1 Asian with us) and if we win we get to sit down with you all and share a message about Jesus Christ." They were like OK!!! We played and oh man we got schooled hahaha. It was kinda embarrassing. I did drain a deep 3, but us American missionaries were rusty and those Asians teenagers took it to us. It was hilarious and unfortunately we didn't get a lesson out of that. It was something to remember for sure!

On a spiritual note, church was really special yesterday. The talks were about Lai2 Kan4, Elder Bednar's Come and See talk. It was cool. A member talked about how when she was helping the missionaries with a lesson and the investigator was just talking about how her church was more correct and not letting the missionaries talk at all. This member shared how the missionaries were great examples of love and patience and how that experience had influenced this member. It reminded me to always be a good example at all times, so we can help people! 

The Bell family.  Brother Bell is from England.  They let us come over to their house this week and do some painting.

This group just showed up at our church and wanted to interview us about missionary work.   It was really cool.  We gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon.

We have a new investigator, Ian, a Filipino who is pretty cool! Set a date for February. Most our other investigators are busy lately, but we will keep pressing on. I love sharing the Restoration of the Gospel because I can feel the spirit working through me. Each part of the Restoration means a lot to me and I encourage everyone to ponder what the Gospel means to YOU?

We were out English boarding and so were the sisters.  We both saw these 15 yr old kids. One boy and one girl.  I started talking to the boy and the sisters were talking to the girl. The kid told me he was a member of our church in another city. I was like are you sure it's our church?? Then to prove it he said the baptismal prayer! I was like WHOA. That's cool! I had a great lesson with him about the BoM. The reason he hasn't been going to church was because he doesn't have a ride so we are going to try and work that out. The sisters had a lesson with his friend and gave her a BoM. So now those two are going to start going to church together. Just rains miracles here! 

Love you all! Have a good week.

Just want to give a S/O to my cousin Kinsey. I heard her farewell was awesome and it's really cool she is joining the missionary army! Chile is lucky to have her!! Good luck! Jia1 You2.

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Willes

Last week for p-day we went to Costco! The sad thing is Costco here doesn't have pepperoni pizza anymore. I was crushed. I was like please I'm American! I need pepperoni pizza. I will pay extra!! 

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