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This week was a good one and went by really quick. It was a tougher week with not a lot happening with our investigators progressing, but the things that did happen this week were spectacular. A few funny things that happened this week: We always like asking people deep questions to help them realize the importance of our message. We often ask, "What is the most important in your life?" We had 3 people answer us this week and say Chi1 bao3 le jiu4 hao3 le. Which means eating! People really just think as long as they have a full stomach then they are happy. It was really bizarre.

Our ward had a concert on Saturday night.  Ace came with us.  I have no clue what those instruments are called.

I also had a cool opportunity this week to give a priesthood blessing. One of the sister missionaries in our district Lu2 Jie3 Mei4 was feeling sick and our ward mission leader asked me to give her a blessing. It was a really cool experience. Doing it all in another language too is pretty remarkable. Using priesthood power is so cool. We truly are acting for God to bless His children. I love the feeling I get when I use the priesthood! 

This week was also awesome because I went on exchanges with the one and only Elder Westover! (William's trainer)  He came to Zhong1 Li4 with me for a day and we had a blast. I love that guy so much. It's crazy he has been out on his mission 1 1/2 years now! We went out finding and found this homeless guy that was really sad. We sat with him and taught him about God, Jesus Christ, and how they know him and what he's going through. Even though we both knew this guy probably wasn't going to progress towards baptism I learned something interesting. Missionary work isn't about numbers. It's about helping people feel God's love and the influence of Jesus Christ in their lives. We sang for him "I am a Child of God" and it was a really spiritual experience. Elder Westover is a boss!

Elder Westover and Elder Willes had lunch with a less active member who came to church on Sunday!

We also had one of the coolest miracles on my mission this week. We were out English contacting on Tuesday and I approach this girl and she had really good English and also said she wants to come to church! We got her number and called her and reminded her about English class and she came! We pass out so many English tracts when we English board, but it's rare when someone actually shows up. We had a really cool spiritual share after English about the Life of Jesus Christ. We then talked to her after and set up a time to meet with her and share with her more about Jesus Christ. We met with her on Friday and she told us growing up she always wanted to go to church, but her parents wouldn't let her. She got older and went to lots of Christian churches, but didn't feel like any of them were complete or doctrine was completely sound and she said a month ago she started praying to God to help her find the most correct church and HIS path. We were like WHOA. I told her, "Well, we know this is God answering your prayers." We shared with her about the restoration and our testimonies of the BoM. It was so great. Elder Nelson and I felt like the spirit really helped us in teaching that lesson. One problem is that her boyfriend is Catholic and really doesn't want her to go to our church so we are hoping this won't stop her! Pray for Frida Lu2 that she will be able to come to church! SO Cool!!

Also, an 8 year old member was baptized in our ward this week. It was a great service yesterday. The dad was just crying and crying after. He was so touched that he could baptize his daughter. So cool. This work is hard, but who said it would be easy? I truly do love representing Jesus Christ. Such a great opportunity. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! We just need to have faith. (2 Nephi 27:23) He can help us overcome any trial, any setback, any sin, we just need to believe. Love you all!!

Elder Willes

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