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Man, missionary work just gets me so pumped up sometimes! Haha I love it. My companion and I have had a saying this week, "Slaying Satan with God's love." We've been talking to everyone we see and spreading God's love to anyone we can find! It's been one incredible week. We met this guy on the street, Brother Chen. I asked him, "Do you believe in God?" He said, "Yes!!" I asked him why? He said, "A while back some missionaries like you on the street taught me how to pray. That day I felt peace." So sweet! That's why we teach people on the street and we ended up having a full lesson with him. Brother Chen set a baptismal date and we referred him to the Sisters! What a super cool miracle. 

I've thought a lot this week week about some of the things I have learned as a missionary. I kept thinking of what Elder Stevenson taught us last week; going PRO for the Lord. I have learned to have much Perseverance. To be consistent every single day through all circumstances (D&C 127:4). I have learned to live with Ren Ai (which is charity in Chinese). I love these people with all our heart, mind, and strength. I have learned to Open my mouth and teach and talk to everyone and proclaim the Gospel!

This week I had my final interview with President Jergensen. It was pretty surreal and President Jergensen described it best when he said to me, "Elder Willes you have had a storybook mission." I really believe I have had just that. These 2 years have been full of so many amazing experiences. I have met more amazing people here than I can even tell you about. My companions have been rock solid and made me a better missionary. Most important to me is that I've been able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands every single day! (Alma 26:2-3) I still got more gas in the tank though! (On the bus ride home from my final interview we sat by a lady from Malaysia and taught her the entire Restoration while on the bus ride while eating McDonalds. It was pretty cool.)

This week I was also able to go on exchanges with my MTC companion, Elder Dexter. It was super sweet. Our first exchange together 2 years later. It was cool to see how far we've both come. We went out finding and found a really cool new investigator, Sophie. Later Elder Dexter and I meet a group of friends out together. There were 5 of them. On the street we sang Silent Night for them and taught them how to pray! 4 of the 5 said a prayer. It was really cool.

Also, on this exchange with Elder Dexter we met a guy from Australia who was just bashing Christianity and everything that we believed. As I sat there listening to him I kept thinking about what I could possibly to say him. The only thought that came to me was "testify." I shared with this man that God loved him and throughout the last 2 years I have witnessed miracles, and I know that Christ lives and is the Savior of the world. I know the spirit pricked his heart.

Elder Dexter and I also drank snake's blood! I am not kidding. There is a Chinese tradition. You choose a snake, the guy butchers it and drains the blood. He puts the blood in a glass and we drank it! Elder Dexter and I each had our own warm, nasty cup of snake's blood. Probably the craziest thing I've eaten here in Taiwan. It was nuts! We also went to The Grand Hotel for a gourmet breakfast together! It was great to be back with my first brother in Christ!


We had 7 investigators come to church! 3 kids from our English class, Grace who finally came for her first time, Zeng DX (72 year old guy), and our new investigators Bao1 DX and Shen3 DX. It was super cool and they all loved it. This place is something special. Sunday was my last time attending the YiLan ward because this coming Sunday we are SPLITTING the STAKE! So the new Stake in this area will be organized my last Sunday in Taiwan. Building Zion baby!

The 2nd miracle happened with our 72 year old investigator, Brother Zeng1. We've been meeting with him and he's progressing and progressing. He has the possibility of getting baptized on December 17th so please keep him in your prayers! We had a really spiritual lesson with him and he committed to never drink tea again! We asked him to give the closing prayer. Brother Zeng1 started his prayer and then went silent. Then he started singing, "Israel Israel God is Calling." He sang the whole song, then ended his prayer. That's just how he felt. Come to Zion, Come to Zion. It was a really touching moment. 

I've still got a lot of things to do here so I'm gonna keep working my very hardest! I read a scripture in Philippians 3:13-14 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ." I will press forward and finish with my best effort. Come what may and love it!

The church is true. Have a good week. Love you all.

Elder Willes

Last p-day was a blast. We went to this little place where you stick your feet in water, there are a bunch of little fish and they eat the dead skin off of your feet. Haha I was pretty ticklish but it was fun! 

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