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"I felt sad that this would be my last General Conference as a missionary but I felt grateful for my wonderful mom and her love for me, my dad and his example of honoring the priesthood, and for my 2 sick brothers who are my best friends! Mostly, I am grateful to be a missionary and for Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary." 

Friends from Zhong1 Li4 with Elder Willes
One of my favorite people in the world, our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Wu2 (on the far right)

Hello family and friends,

It was another phenomenal week here on the beautiful island of Taiwan! 

Bian Mama was baptized last Sunday! Such a cool miracle! Hers, is a crazy story. Bian Mama's children met the missionaries about 30 years ago and were eventually all baptized and then went to the temple. She has had multiple grand kids go on missions. All of her children have been trying for 20+ years to help Bian Mama gain a testimony and be baptized. So Sunday was a tender moment for their family and the ward, when after 20+ years she decided to be baptized! It was really cool seeing all of her family there. Some of her family lives in Canada now but it was amazing to see how excited they were as they skyped in to her baptism! Bian Mama's son baptized her. It was a really special Sunday and one I won't forget for a long, long time!

Bian Mama with her son who baptized her

Also last Sunday night my stomach started hurting REALLY bad. It got so rough so Elder Huntsman and I went to the emergency room where I received an IV, x-rays, and tests etc. It isn't anything too serious. Eventually they gave me some medicine and now I'm doing great! So all is well there. :)

Our recent converts, Sister Wang and Sister Chen, are both doing really well. This upcoming week we are starting to help them with their family history and we hope they will be able to take these family names to the temple with them in the next few weeks!

Interviews are plugging along and Elder Huntsman and I have been doing trainings on being optimistic, happy, with faith,  while building companionship unity. (3 Nephi 19:30 "And when Jesus had spoken these words he came again unto his disciples: and behold they did pray steadfastly, without ceasing, unto him; and he did smile upon them again.")

I had a really cool exchange with my favorite Australian, Elder Taulepa. We had a really cool night of finding and while we were biking home we stopped and talked to this lady from the Philippines. Her name is Nieves and she is Christian. She is really, really nice and we started sharing with her the Restoration. When Elder Taulepa got to the First Vision he whispered to me worried and said, "I don't know this in English. " I just told him, "Follow the Spirit." I was praying so hard in my heart that he would know what to say and that those English words would come to him. Then Elder Taulepa recited word for word the First Vision in English. When he said, "This is my beloved Son. Hear Him," the spirit was so strong! Nieves felt the Spirit and recognized truth, that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. She committed to coming to church with these Elders this coming Sunday! It was a really cool lesson. I will never forget it! 

Nieves, Elder Taulepa and Elder Willes

Our investigator Zheng4 JM has had a complete change of heart. She set a firm baptismal date for 11/28/15 and is coming to church on Sunday. Reading the Book of Mormon is changing her life and we are so excited for her. Please keep Sister Zheng4 in your prayers. She is a college student and so so cool and ready for the Gospel. She is probably our closest investigator to baptism.  

Also this week, Elder Huntsman and I were contacting on the street and met a really cool lady from Syria. Her name is Dina and we taught her about God and she said her first prayer! She is our new investigator and we should be meeting with her this week. Really cool.

Lastly, I loved General Conference. General Conference as a missionary is the absolute best. It gets you so pumped and motivated to be a better disciple. President Eyring's message on the Holy Ghost as our constant companion was awesome. I have tons of notes and loved every single talk. I was reminded about the need for our lives to be centered in Christ, what lack I?, how can I improve? But my favorite talks were President Monson's. They were so powerful to me. He spoke of the importance of repentance and keeping the commandments. Wow, that talk was incredible! I also loved President Monson's talk on letting our light shine and being an example to others. My companion calls everyone he sees on the street, "shuai4" (handsome). He says, "Everyone has their own shuai4." I love that! We all have lights. We can all be examples. Everyday we have the chance to bless other people, make them smile, and serve. I was so inspired by our Prophet! I felt sad that this would be my last General Conference as a missionary but I am grateful for my wonderful mom and her love for me, my dad and his example of honoring the priesthood, and for my 2 sick brothers who are my best friends. Mostly, I am grateful to be a missionary. I love being a missionary. Love you all! I encourage everyone to "forget yourself and go to work!" Have a great week! 這個福音是真實的. 我們都要加油!


Elder Willes

Sister Wilhelm, who I was in the MTC with, came back to Taiwan for a visit
Eating dinner with our less active member Sun1 and with Robert, our friend, who will be
serving as a temporary missionary beginning on Monday.

My awesome companion Elder Huntsman spilled his package

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