Friday, October 30, 2015


Elder Willes with Robert, a young local Taiwanese member of the Church serving a temporary mission. "I love this guy!"

Well the weeks are passing by in the blink of an eye now. As usual, things were great this week in Taiwan! 

I saw some awesome miracles. Last Monday we made plans to take a few members out and go on splits. So I went out with Brother Dong3, a college student. This was his first time talking to people on the street about religion. He was really nervous but we got going and he started getting the hang of things. We kept talking and talking and talking to everyone we could find but nobody was listening. We had gone almost an hour with no one really wanting to talk to us. All I wanted was for Brother Dong3 to have one good experience. So, we said another prayer and then started talking to this lady who was really cool! Long story short she is a devout Christian and has heard a lot about Mormons because one of her best friends from Texas, but is living with her family right now, is a Mormon! Super cool! Brother Dong3 and I were able to share the Restoration with her. It was so cool! I was so happy that Brother Dong3 had the chance to share his testimony with her and I think he had a great experience. We've met with this lady since and she and her whole family want to keep meeting with us when they move back to Texas in 2 weeks. So that's a pretty great referral! Awesome stuff. 

Sister He2, Brother Dong3 and Elder Willes
We found her after lots of effort and an earnest prayer.

I also went on exchanges this week with Elder Ure and we had some really cool miracles together. We only had 30 minutes before a lesson so we decided to contact people right around the chapel. We found this girl from Mongolia with an English class flyer in her hands. She was looking for the free English class and didn't know which building it was in. We led her into the chapel and did a tour with her and taught her about Christ all before English class started. We found a Mongolian Book of Mormon and I showed it to her and she wanted it so bad she took it right out of my hands. It was awesome! I'm pretty sure the Sister missionaries are going to start to meet with her. 

Elder Huntsman and I had the chance to give a few priesthood blessings this week to sick missionaries and members. It was a cool opportunity for us and I feel like on my mission I've learned more of the importance of the priesthood. I think it is so humble of people to seek priesthood blessings and the Lord's help. It is also such a blessing to be able to serve this way. 

Another exchange this week with Elder Pincock

Saw some of my awesome friends from Xin Ban

We have some awesome new investigators. It's really just hard for us to have a lot of time to meet with them all. We are trying to set more dates and help more people progress. Zheng4 JM is doing really good. She is progressing and coming to church again tomorrow. She's slowly progressing. I know she will be baptized! Our area is on the rise! 

Elder Huntsman and I found this really amazing guy Bryan

A funny Taiwan story...last week during the Sacrament meeting during the primary program there was this guy in the back who just randomly started clapping really loud. It was pretty funny. The Bishop went and talked to him. Also, my watch broke and both of the tires on my bike popped. All in a week's work. 

This week was cool because I tried a vegetarian diet to help my stomach. I didn't eat meat all week long. I felt pretty  healthy! My stomach is doing better and I feel like a million bucks. Yesterday I caved and ate chicken, sausage, duck and bacon, but my stomach still feels fine. So I think the diet is over for now! It was a good ride. 

The start of my vegetarian diet

It's been cool to see the progress of our temporary missionary Robert, Brother Chen2. He is loving missionary work and is really enjoying it. He loves contacting on the street. I love seeing what his faith has done for him. Thank you for helping him to have this experience. I love this guy.

One thing Elder Huntsman and I have talked about this week is how it is so cool that literally almost 50% of the people you talk to on the street are willing to give you their phone number after your first meeting. I think it's really cool how the spirit gives everyone little pushes and encouragement to Come Unto Christ to the point they are willing to give someone they have only talked to for 5 minutes their phone number. 

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ  really are at the helm and are leading and guiding us! I love being a missionary! Have a great week. Love you all!

Elder Willes

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