Thursday, June 4, 2015



This is Chen2 DX a super cool guy from China.  Such a golden investigator.
The people of China are so ready to receive the gospel.  We gave Chen2 DX a chapel tour with the sister missionaries.
He is incredible.

Big congrats this week to Sarah for getting her mission call!! So sick she is going to Nicaragua! She will be a great missionary! Also, congrats to Sammi on her wedding and Josh on his engagement! 

This week was another crazy one. 

Monday: It was p-day and we didn't do too much. I felt sick and had a fever so I took a nap on p-day and then we went out and had Bob's baptismal interview and that went well!

Tuesday: Took care of a bunch of stuff at the office and had meetings with the new district leaders and did some cool trainings. We also found Chen2 DX. Super cool guy from China. We ended up meeting with him 3 times this week. Such a golden investigator. The people of China are so ready to receive the gospel. He moved back to China yesterday but it was cool that in the 2 weeks he was here in Taiwan we met him and were able to teach him the restored gospel. We are trying to set him up to go to Hong Kong and have more lessons there.

We also met with our investigator Rita! She is golden and has been meeting for a long time and has finally decided to be baptized! She is getting baptized this week. We had a really cool lesson with her. She is a single lady in her 30's and has a rough time.  Life and a poor economy has been bad to her. I felt like I should share D&C 121:7-8 and as she read it she just started sobbing and the spirit was so strong! She could feel that God is watching out for her. :) I'm super excited for her baptism. 

Wednesday: Had all day trainings with the trainers and trainees. This was the trainer and trainee follow up meeting. We did lots of role plays and that was really fun. :)

Thursday: We went on exchanges with the Taidong Zone Leaders. I went on exchanges with Elder Taulepa. He was in the MTC at the same time as me and he is from Australia. We had a great lesson with Chen2 DX and had some awesome time contacting on the street. It was good to get out and do missionary work. I love it!

Elder Willes, Chen2 DX and on exchanges with Elder Taulepa

Friday: We had our mission leadership council with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. Super fun meeting. We trained on having unity with your companion. Went super well! Tons of fun. 

Saturday: Was a great day. Bob was baptized! It was funny because he was baptized and then we realized that he was wearing a big black undershirt so Elder Stewart and Bob had to change their clothes and do the baptism again. It was a great service though. Super sweet. Bob is in his 20's and is in the army. He is super prepared and will be a great member!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day. Our investigator Lu2 JM came to church and she is progressing well. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie with her and that was great. Also, Chen2 JM came to church as well! Super good! We also went finding and met this girl named Oferri from the Solomon Islands! Where is that by the way? Anyway it was super cool because she didn't live in our area but for some reason she was trying to find where she would be taking a test the next day and our paths crossed. No coincidences. She is a super devout Christian and it was super spiritual. She was willing to sit down with us and let us teach her the restoration. Went super well. Really fun teaching in English. Elder Stewart, like a boss, invited her to baptism and she said she would pray about it. Such a spiritual lesson. In missionary work we see these things all the time. "Do what is right let the consequence follow." Miracles follow all the time!

Oferri, Elder Stewart and Elder Willes

Taiwan is getting scorching HOT! Blazing hot, humidity through the roof, but that's OK. Torrential rain, scorching heat, doesn't matter because the work must go on. One night this week I woke up to the little wall air conditioner making this weird noise and it starting spitting out ice all over my legs! Haha it had froze over. I'm enjoying serving all the missionaries. I appreciate everyone praying for me! It's really cool because our missionary work time is cut way down for Elder Stewart and I but the Lord is blessing our area so so much and we are really grateful. The work is true!

Elders crammed in an apartment.  The Taidong Elders stayed in our apartment for the night.

We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with cute "Elder" Jordan Westover - William's trainer in Taiwan - who recently returned from his mission.  Elder Westover is as awesome in person as we thought he would be.  We are grateful to him and the time he and Elder Willes served together.  He gave William a
fabulous start in Taiwan!   Marianne

Hope you all have a good week :) Nate and Jake get pumped for summer!!! Go boating lots for me!


Elder Willes

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