Monday, May 19, 2014


Happy Birthday Elder Willes!  (pictured with a decaying rat)
Well, I guess I am 19 years old!  Haha super weird!  First off I just want to thank everyone for the birthday letters. I got a lot of mail.  It made me so happy and I can feel everyone's love and support so thank you all so much! 

Today is p-day and my birthday.  To celebrate we are going to go to BIG City to eat.  It's like a huge mall!  I will take some pictures. Should be good. Except for today it is absolutely pouring down rain. You are right dad, looks like rain everyday. This past week it rained about everyday too.  I am always dripping wet.
This week was another great one!  I am so blessed to be able to serve.  I started reading Jesus the Christ and am really excited to learn more about Christ from reading this book. Elder Westover is great and follows up with me and asks how my reading is going and I tell him what I learn. What a great trainer. :)  Also when I got to the MTC I started over in the Book of Mormon and am now in 3 Nephi 19! I love the BoM and invite everyone to read it everyday.  Just like Joseph Smith said we can get closer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book in the world. I learned how to say that in Chinese this week!
Elder Willes skyping last week!  A huge thank you to Thomas, a member in the ward William is serving in, who helped the missionaries Skype home.

We met with Habip multiple times!  He is having a tough time quitting smoking!  We told him we could give him a priesthood blessing and he wanted one. I had the opportunity to give this blessing and it was so so cool!  The spirit was strong and he was just smiling after!  He still hasn't quit smoking but has cut down so much!  To about 5 a day.  Keep praying for him.  We still have faith he can reach his date this upcoming Saturday night!  He is amazing and has such a deep testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  He also went on the temple tour in Taipei with the ward and absolutely loved it!  He said he had such good feelings there and in a few years he really wants to come to Utah to see the Salt Lake Temple!  Keep praying for him. I am so blessed to be able to teach him.
Another miracle:  A few weeks ago I pulled up on my bike at a red light and started talking to the guy next me. I asked him if I could talk to him on the side of the road for a minute. He said yes and Elder Westover and I taught a lesson. Turns out he didn't live in our area. He lives in the Sisters area. So we referred him to them and they have been teaching him!  He's been to church the last two weeks and is getting baptized on June 1st which is his birthday!  Super cool :)
Another miracle: We had a really important lesson with Sui2Jie3Mei4 scheduled. We had to find a pei3Ke4 (member to accompany us) because we couldn't be with her and another sister member because that's against the rules.  We called everyone and nobody could go with us.  20 minutes before the lesson we thought we might need to cancel.  We said a prayer and thought of Chen2Di4Xiong1, a member in our ward.  He got in a car accident 15 years ago and can't really move his right hand and has trouble walking. We felt good about him and called him and he said he could help us!  We rode our bikes to his house and (because he doesn't have a scooter/car) we then all walked together a 20 minute walk to Sui2Jie3Mei4 house! I had tears in my eyes seeing how willing this member was to help us. He has trouble walking and has a really bad limp but he didn't complain at all and was so happy. :)  To top things off we set a new baptismal date with Sui2Jie3Mei4 for 6/14 and the spirit was so strong. She still is very nervous to come to church but we are working with members on that who may be able to help her. Wow, what a tender mercy!  I love this work of salvation.
Also, we have four new investigators!  One is a little 14 year old kid (referral) who seems great. The other 3 all live together. We knocked a random house and three college guys with their shirts off and beers in their hands opened the door. I thought oh boy.  But they let us in and we taught about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Turns out they are Christians. They invited us to come back and we taught the first vision to them the next day.  They were much more reverent and were intently listening and had great questions. The spirit was strong and gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon!  So cool to be able to teach them.  Zhu2Di4Xiong1 and his brother Zhu2Di4Xiong1 haha and their friend Hong1Di4Xiong1.
We also met with Shi2Di4Xiong1 and he is slowly trying to quit drinking tea and coffee. His date is 6/14!

Elder Willes eating pot stickers...yummy!

There are lots of interesting Chinese dishes but Elder Willes currently lives near a Costco which sells a good old pepperoni pizza.
This week was really great. Stake conference was wonderful. President Day was there!  He spoke and invited everyone to invite people to meet with the missionaries.  Really powerful. The talks at Stake Conference really focused on missionary work and getting everyone to act. There were a lot of people. Probably about a full chapel and full overflow back home. Really cool seeing faithful Latter-day Saints around the world!
Have a great week everyone!
Love you all and thanks so much for the support!
Elder Willes

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