Monday, May 12, 2014


It was so amazing skyping you all! Such a great experience! Happy Mother's Day mom. :) Love you!  Nate and Jake you look like studs!  Way to be!!  Dad way to hold in those tears man. :)  Haha the time flew but I'm grateful I got to see my wonderful family! 

This week was another great one. Habip is coming along great. We met with him 4 times and actually went and did SOME service with him.  A recycling project. His testimony is growing so much. He is so ready for baptism.  Habip does have a pretty big obstacle with smoking. He has smoked every day for the past 10+ years. We know that he can do it!  He reads the scriptures every day and prays and his faith is so great. The ward is having a temple tour next week and he is going with them to see the temple. He said he really wants to go to the temple. His testimony is so great. It isn't a coincidence that we are teaching some random guy from Turkey in Taiwan. This is through the Lord and through Him we are helping him experience the fullness of joy this gospel can bring. :) His wife came to church too and is great! She still doesn't know the church is true, but prays and reads every day. She wants to be baptized too! They are awesome. Their faith is remarkable.

Our other investigator Sui2 Jie3Mei4 really wants to be baptized but is so, so, so scared of her family being mad at her. She hasn't come to church yet but she told us she would tell her family about her desires to be baptized this week. :) Also Shi2Di4Xiong1 is progressing. His faith is great but he is struggling with tea and coffee. We are trying to meet with his family to get his wife on-board and we think we can meet with them next week!

Finding and contacting has been super hard lately. We haven't found many new people who are prepared for the gospel. We met a new guy Hun1Di4Xiong1 who seems pretty good and we are meeting with on Saturday. This coming week is Stake Conference in ZhuBei and I'm stoked!  I am going to see a big group of LDS Chinese members gather together! Can't wait!  Also, today we went to an all you can eat barbecue meat place. You cook the meat on this heater thing.  It was super good. Also they had all you can eat ice cream. :)

Elder Willes, Thomas (a member of the church who facilitated the Skype call and is a tremendous help to the missionaries), Elder Westover and Jake.  We thought it would be brilliant to stream William up on our TV screen so we could see him more clearly.  Instead, we found the 4 of us huddled tightly around our little computer screen.  Pretty funny!  It was a fairly good connection.  Amazing technology.  We did lose Elder Willes  for about 5-8 minutes while a connection was reestablished.  Not a big deal except that he announced he had only 30 minutes to talk with us. 

It's really weird I have been in Taiwan for 6 weeks! Time is flying out here and before you know it June 26th I think I will have a new companion.  That is the next transfer date.  Elder Westover turned 20 this week! We went to a tepanyaki place to celebrate! Super good steak, rice, and vegetables.  About 4 bucks per person which is pretty expensive here! Also, at Family Home Evening we celebrated both our birthdays! Our cute ward made us a cake and sang to us in Chinese and English! Super awesome.  Our ward is great. Our bishop is really diligent and helps us with our lessons.

The family waiting for the HIGHLY anticipated call!  

It rained a lot this week and apparently the rain here is acid rain (due to heavy pollution)? People believe it makes you go bald!  So, when it rains everyone is wearing a rain hood.  Me included :) The Chinese culture is so cool. I wish you all could see it.  Everyone here has scooters instead of cars. Really interesting.  Anyway, I'm so blessed to be a missionary and am loving this work. No greater joy than seeing investigators and less actives take that leap of faith in coming to church. So grateful for my trainer who has taught me so much! I appreciate all the prayers for me and our investigators. Love you all and have a great week!

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