Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Early morning exercising on the East Coast. Priceless!

This week just flew by! 

Last Sunday we saw some big miracles in our area! Guo1 DX, the LA we've been meeting with, finally came to church! That was super exciting for us and for him. We also have some new investigators Zheng4 JM and Hong2 DX. They both came to church and are referrals who are progressing well. We are excited to continue helping and teaching them. So things are picking up in our area! Our other LA, Sun1 JM, is progressing well and coming to church every week now. We are helping her prepare to go to the temple. 

I could sum this week up with - traveling. Elder Stewart and I only had 1 day together this week and and I spent over 20 hours traveling around our mission this week. It was pretty tiring but tons of fun and lots of awesome missionary work. On Tuesday we went down to the East Coast in Hualian for exchanges there. I went with Elder Johnson the ZL. It was a great exchange. Elder Johnson is a great Elder and a fireball. He loves the work so much! On Wednesday we took a train to Taidong and went on exchanges there too. I went with Elder Nielson who is another great Elder. We went finding and saw so many miracles. President Jergensen has been teaching us all a formula --- Faith + Diligence + Obedience = the power to perform miracles. So cool as we went out and met so many prepared people. We knocked into this one aboriginal lady and taught her the whole Restoration in 10 minutes and that was really cool! She set up another time to meet next week. 

We also met a cool mom on this little dirt road and starting teaching about Eternal Families. She told us she really wanted an eternal family but thought it wasn't possible. She thought it is too good to be true. We started teaching her about Jesus Christ and what He's done for us so that we all can have the opportunity to be with our families forever. It was so cool. She said her first prayer ever and wow the spirit was so strong. She seems really excited to meet with the Tai2 Dong1 Elders next week! Super exciting. 

Thursday we got to take our recent converts Wang2 JM and Chen2 JM to the temple again. They love it. It is such a huge blessing to have a temple in our mission. Can't imagine serving in a mission where there isn't a temple. Wow I am so blessed! 

I ran into Brother Wu2 at the temple.  We taught and baptized he and his son awhile ago. They were  sealed in the temple last week. Wahoo!

Yesterday I went on an exchange with Elder Rasmussen. President Jergensen was in Hong Kong and we had to pick him up from the airport so Elder Rasmussen and I only had about 15 minutes to find in his area. So we went hard and started buzzing around and talking to anyone we saw. We saw a couple driving on their scooter and we flagged them down like someone in NYC flags down a taxi. You know what is crazy? They stopped and we taught this young couple about God. It was super cool. They really wanted to learn more so we set them up to meet with Elder Rasmussen and his companion tomorrow! So exciting when you see people making changes in their lives. 

Yesterday President also wanted us to check out some possible outdoor zone conference locations. So we went hiking a little bit yesterday that was a blast. On the top of this mountain we ate lunch with 50 Buddhist monks. It was an amazing immersion of culture.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired. I'm super tired but I am pressing on in this great cause. I guess the biggest thing I learned this week was how much I love my mission. I love it so much. My mission has changed my life so much. I am so so grateful for Jesus Christ and everything He has done for me. He's our captain and shepherd. If we learn to listen to His voice we will truly be led. Nate, Jake, Mom and Dad you are the best. So grateful for each and every one of you. Keep up the good work! 

Love you all!

Go Cougars!

Elder Willes

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