Monday, March 2, 2015


Elder Willes and Elder Tan

Hello everyone!  I have a new companion. I am training Elder Tan who is from Fort Worth, Texas. Both of his parents are converts and he was a visa waiter who has been serving in Seattle, Washington for the last two transfers. He's stoked to be here and I am stoked to have him here!  Elder Tan is sick. We get along great :) and we are excited for the upcoming transfers together. 

Elder Tan is adjusting to life in Taiwan and his Chinese is getting better everyday! He didn't speak any Chinese before the mission. He took American Sign Language so when we saw a group of deaf people on the train he had a little conversation with them in ASL. It was super cool!  

This past week was busy with trainings and transfers.  Elder Jensen and I were late to the transfer meeting because we missed the train.  We made it just in time and luckily Elder Tan was the last missionary to introduce himself so I was the last trainer called. I'm also a district leader. I'm excited to lead district meeting, help everyone, and do baptismal interviews. I think I have 4 of those this week! We also have 4 Elders in our apartment now and so its pretty fun! 

Elder Willes and Elder Jensen outside the big beautiful chapel

I had a pretty cool experience reading the Book of Mormon. I was reading today in 1 Nephi where Nephi is about to build a ship. I thought about how that story applied to me. Nephi was probably really surprised that the Lord wanted him to build a ship. I reflected on the times on my mission where the spirit has prompted me to do crazy things. ex: take someone's pack of cigarettes, flip the bike around and talk to someone on the street, be bold with LA's, asking insightful questions and then the light bulb moment for me hit. Whatever the Lord commands us to do He WILL provide a way for us to accomplish it. It's His will. We just need to be listening for the spirit and He will lead and direct our life. Super cool! 

Elder Tan and I saw some pretty cool miracles. We were out finding and we met a 17 year old girl, Isabel, from the Philippines. She is Catholic. We sat down with her on the street and taught her the about the Restoration in English. I realized that my English is terrible. I started teaching about the Book of Mormon and couldn't teach in English.  I was saying things like, " The Book of Mormon is in the American Continent an ancient scripture book." I couldn't do it. But, Elder Tan has been in Seattle for 3 months and taught the rest of the lesson like a boss and then asked her to pray about what we shared with her on the spot! She did and the spirit was super strong.  Isabel ended up coming to all 3 hours of church! It was super cool! We are also hoping to meet with her this week. 

Xiao1 JM is awesome! We met with her and she's already read so much in the Book of Mormon. She's really sick and has seizures every day and even had one in the middle of our lesson. Really sad. We hope she can come to church this Sunday. She's also scared of baptism but she's progressing really well. Keep praying for her!

We are going to the temple with our RC's this week. The ward forgot to ordain Lin2 DX to the Aaronic Priesthood so he will have to wait until next month but we have 2 or 3 that will be going so that will be exciting! 

Our investigator Xu2 DX is quitting coffee right now! If all goes well he will have his baptismal interview this weekend and baptism next week! Pray for him that he can do this! He is really awesome. Comes to church every week, progressing really fast. Everyone thinks he's a member because he wears this super shuai4 suit. Anyway the work here is awesome. Hope everyone back home has a great week! Church is true!  Love you all!

Elder Willes

Our recent convert Lin2 DX came to a fireside with us Sunday 
All four of us studying
Our apartment now has 4 Elders living here now 
Lin2 DX
My first McDonald's breakfast on the mission.  It was SO good!
We had a lesson with a less active member.  My eyes were so sensitive to the sun.  They were hurting so bad.  It looked like I was crying the whole lesson.

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