Thursday, November 27, 2014



Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Since Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in Taiwan, everyone needs to eat double turkey, double mashed potatoes and gravy, double pie, etc. for me.  Ahh, now I'm hungry haha. 

Some awesome members fed us this week.  It was so great!

This week was a little bit rougher. We didn't really get to meet with any of our investigators. I don't know if they are avoiding us or what but nobody answered the phone this week. Andy, Ace, Sister Chen2 etc. We didn't have any set ups. So no investigator updates except we heard that Joy told her family about joining the church and got in a little argument with her parents and we don't really know how to help her. (mom maybe you could email her) Also, Sister Chen2 we found out was avoiding us because she really just doesn't want to quit smoking and thought we gave her stress about that. She said she was willing to meet with us tomorrow so we will see how that goes. We had a really cool lesson yesterday with the Lin2 family. We taught about temples and brother Lin2 said a great prayer in the end. The wife wasn't there because she was a little shy because we brought member couple with us. We have a good feeling about this family though!

Our finding efforts on the street this week were all about Team Jesus. We found lots of people and had lots of lessons because we had literally no setups.  All finding time. They all live in other areas so we gave a lot of other missionaries referrals. 

Elder Willes and Elder Bennion

This week on Monday was really cool. I got to go on exchanges with a fellow WX buddy and neighbor Steven Bennion. That was a ball. SO much fun. He came over to Zhong1 Li4. Elder Jensen went over with Elder Westover and loved it. My dad Elder Westover is now AP! Crazy stuff. He already packed his bags and is the new AP in Taipei. Proud of him. What a stud. Elder Bennion and I together had 3 straight hours of finding and it was pouring rain and downright COLD. Coldest night I've had in Taiwan but since then it hasn't been cold. We followed the spirit finding and went somewhere I've never been before and found this guy and had a great lesson! Taught him about the BoM and he loved it. He also set a baptismal date and was really cool! Said it was destiny that we met him. It was special being with Elder Bennion. This investigator Lu2 Di4 Xiong1 is our new Investigator this week and we hope to meet with him later this week!

Elder Jensen, Elder Westover, Elder Willes and Elder Bennion
"I love this pic."

This weekend was awesome because we had Stake Conference. Elder Wang2 from the Seventy came and spoke twice. He was the guy in Conference who spoke in Cantonese. He is a boss. Has a sense of humor and is filled with the spirit. He's bold too! Called us all to repentance.  He talked a lot about how members and missionaries need to work together. It was cool! Also the choir was awesome and Luo2 Jie3 Mei4 the first person I baptized sang in it. She's doing awesome. 

Yesterday was a really special Sunday filled with the spirit. It made everything this week better. The spirit was so strong and I was humbled and filled with gratitude for everyday challenges as a missionary. It is good because it gives us an opportunity to use our agency to be a Christlike missionary. I found great comfort in prayer this week. Heavenly Father really comforted me this week and I testify to everyone if ever EVER you feel lonely, nobody understands you, frustrated, sad, or depressed that the Savior understands us. He understands every single one of us. We just need to express our faith in HIM and get on our knees and talk with Heavenly Father. Tell Him everything. And He will listen. 

I am so grateful for such an amazing family. Nate and Jake you two have been the examples to me all along. Love you both. Dad and Mom I love you both so much. I wish I could describe my gratitude but its too hard and I don't have much time.  Our RC family is taking us to Taipei today. Yaaaaa buddy! Don't know what we are doing but it should be fun! Love you all and have a great Thanksgiving!

Elder Willes

Funny note: I get told on the street a lot I look like Brad Pitt. Best compliment ever.

My tooth is dying.  I'm sure it is from my broken jaw.  

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