Monday, April 14, 2014


Sorry for the delay in sending my email again. We went to get some food at an all you can eat buffet of meat and ice cream. :) So delicious! Dad that's sweet the Gophers won the NIT. Crazy that baseball is already starting and Mom we got the package 2 weeks ago and ate everything. :) Thanks so much! You are the best.

The meat buffet - put your meat in a hot pot and cook it
Anyway to answer some questions. We have English class at our chapel. We watched all sessions of General Conference. There was our whole district, which is 10 missionaries, in a little room watching all of the sessions in English. So grateful for that. It was so great hearing people called of God speak to us! It was my favorite Conference without a doubt. Hard not to get emotional seeing all of those faithful Latter-day Saints in the Conference Center full all the way to the top. So awesome! We all stood up and sung with the choir and congregation which was cool as well.  Also, I could have sworn I saw Liza Pugsley and the Palmers singing in the choir before the Sunday session? Was that for real? If that was them that is way cool! 

Conference was the best. I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong. Super cool seeing Elder Aidukaitis and Elder Zwick speak. They both spoke to us at the MTC just a few weeks ago so that was awesome. Also the music director, Brother Eggett, is the MTC choir director. So that was cool seeing him lead some choirs. Some of my favorite talks were President Eyring when he talked about heroes and the Priesthood. That was great. Also President Uchtdorf when he talked about gratitude.That was really humbling for me. Missions are hard and it made me sit back and be grateful for everything I have. A very awesome supportive family who I love so dearly, as well as extended family, great friends whose examples are outstanding, a great trainer who loves me and is very hard-working and obedient, and a great ward to help us build up the Kingdom of God here in XinZhu. I also loved Elder Holland's talk on Saturday. I love that man. He is so bold and he speaks so strongly. When he said he is more sure this gospel is true than more sure that he was standing there and the congregation was listening, wow that was so awesome. Conference was great! Went by so fast and I wish it was longer.  I thought about the fam at home playing some Conference bingo and watching together. You all are so great. :)
This week was great. We had two lessons with less actives who ended up coming and watching general conference. It was great seeing them come to listen to the words of our living Prophet of God. There was probably about 40-50 people that came to watch Conference. Also we had some miracles this week. Two days ago we were knocking doors and we met a lady and her 13 year old son. They said we could come back and teach them the next day. We taught the first lesson and they committed to come to church next Sunday so that is very exciting! Her husband doesn't want to meet with us but he doesn't oppose them meeting with us. So we are excited for Tu2Jia1Ting2. Also, we have a lesson this coming Sunday with a family of four. We met the mom on the street and shared pictures of our families and how the Gospel has blessed our families so much. She was touched but she didn't know if her husband was willing to meet. She said we could call him and we finally got a hold of him and he said we could meet with them next Sunday so we are excited for this opportunity as well. :) That family is the Yang2Jia1Ting2 family. They seem really special.
We had exchanges this past week. I went to another area for a day and a half with Elder Clark. He is a stud with great Chinese. We got three new investigators during that exchange so that was cool! His area is known as the "golden area" with prepared people all over. We are excited for him and his companion who work in that area. We had lessons this week with Sui2Jie3Mei4 and Shi2Di4Xiong1. They are both great. We are trying to get them to pray and read every night. We are praying that they will start keeping commitments and pray and read in order to feel the Holy Ghost. We are excited for them!  Thank you so much for your prayers on our investigators behalf. Mom, Dad, Nate and Jake that means so much to Elder Westover and I. We feel the love and we are doing our best to help them come unto Christ. Cheng2En1 is progressing great. He is a great example and seems pretty set for his May 3rd baptismal date. He is such a great example. He came to conference too which is great. We are just continuing to read the BoM with him to increase his testimony. Stoked for him!
Random things: I had pig's blood this week which was interesting and not too gross actually. Getting used to the food here which is good. Lots of weird meats with rice, vegetables, and fruit. We enjoy Costco muffins almost daily haha. I also fell off my bike this week. I was waving to this guy and just biffed it. Didn't hurt at all but it was a little embarrassing. ;) People always tell me I look like Brad Pitt. Elder Westover and I think it's hilarious.

Elder Willes making Zhuabing - "awesome tortilla things"
Anyway that's about it for this week. We are working hard and so excited for what the future is going to hold. Our Turkish investigator, Habip, is coming along great too. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying every night and we've seen how happy he is when he hears about Jesus Christ and the restored gospel. He said he and his wife want to visit us in a few years in America so you might get to meet them. :)  Great, great people.
The people here are awesome. The language is coming along. I've been taking phone calls now so that's interesting. I am on Lesson 2 (in PMG) on Phase 1 so that's good. Thank you all so much for the prayers and support. Jake way to be looking like a stud the first day you pass the Sacrament! Nate way to be blessing the Sacrament and looking all muscular! Dad thanks for all the interesting Taiwan updates. Elder Westover and I love them. Mom thanks for all the pictures. Awesome you got to meet Sister Smith's mom!  I love you all so much and miss you.  I am so blessed to have a great family who are all great examples to me.

Elder Westover and Elder Willes
Mom could you maybe send the piano sheet music via email for Come, Come Ye Saints by Paul Cardell? Elder Westover and I want to try and make an arrangement and sing and play it in Sacrament Meeting. :) That would be so awesome! Thanks so much! Love you all and have a great week!

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