Thursday, March 20, 2014


Elder Willes' all Mandarin name tag. 

Elder Willes just got his travel plans.  He is heading to Taiwan and is so happy.  "So stoked!"

This is the last weekly update I will send from the MTC. In 6 days (Tuesday, March 25, 2014) I'm Taiwan bound! Provo to SLC to LA to Taiwan. Couldn't be more excited! This week has been kind of a week of reflection. I'm gonna miss the MTC. I have learned so much. I know I'm going to get to Taiwan and appreciate this experience even more.

Elder Willes, Elder Dexter and Elder Warner with their TRAVEL PLANS

This week was awesome. On Sunday I was able to bless the Sacrament for the first time in Chinese. That was a pretty cool experience. Even though it is in another language the Sacrament is holy and sacred and you can feel the spirit no matter what language you are speaking. We also got to teach a girl who lives in Taiwan this week through Skype.  Awesome stuff!

This week Elder Warner, Elder Dexter and I have been working on our teaching. Through hard work, preparation, and prayer we have got both of our “MTC investigators” baptismal dates. One of our investigators, Cheng2Di4Xiong2, didn't really know if he had faith. His parents didn't approve. We shared how Nephi endured and trusted in the Lord even when his brothers didn't approve of him and his decisions. We talked of Christ and how even though He was persecuted and crucified He still loved and served everyone and fulfilled Heavenly Father's will. We promised him that if he trusted in the Lord his family would accept his decision. So I asked him to be “baptized” and after like a 10 second pause he accepted for this Friday! After the lesson we went outside and were jumping around! Haha we were so excited. Even though it was just a role-play the spirit was still there and it was a cool experience.

Elders Willes, Warner and Dexter in classroom studying

The MTC is awesome with the spiritual boost. The spirit is always here and that's awesome. Devotionals are also awesome and TRC is awesome! We love it. I just want everything to be real. Real investigators, real everything.  I'm stoked to leave!

These 3 Elders "got to go off campus on shuttle.  Elder Dexter had a cavity.  Awesome."

"Driving by your building Dad on the way to the dentist."

I received packages from Steve and Lisa, McNevins and the Coreys. Thank you guys so much!  Also thanks for the dear elders and emails.  Good hearing from the Tribe's this week!  I appreciate everything!

Elder Warner flies to Hong Kong and then to Singapore. He's the only missionary on his flight! Crazy huh? We are all so excited to leave and I pray every day I will have an impact on people in Taiwan. I met two Taiwanese Elders yesterday. One is going to Minnesota and the other to Seattle, WA. They are the only members of their family and flew all the way around the world to serve the Lord. They told me to baptize their families.  I will try my best. :) 

Elder Willes' Zone heading to Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, New York, New Zealand, California, Canada, all over!

I've learned so much at the MTC. Patience, humility, kindness, and charity stick out the most. These are all qualities that at times can be very hard to have, but if I have them I can accomplish all things the Lord would have me do.

Boppy, Elder Willes (and his companions) and Mamoo got to have dinner at the MTC

Singing in Chinese is also a highlight. On Sunday our district did a musical number in Sacrament Meeting. We sang Nearer My God to Thee in Chinese. Pretty cool stuff. I'm going to miss having meals already cooked for me everyday. I'm going to miss my teachers. Brother Durrant and Brother Harris are awesome and have taught me so much. But I am ready for a change. I am ready to go and I am going to serve the Lord with all of my heart, might, mind and strength. Have an awesome week everyone! 

Next time you hear from me I will be in TAIWAN.


Elder Willes

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